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  1. I know what that's like. Third time I had mine out I went with my son and my son in law on some dunes east of town. Flipped the Cat coming off a dune and broke a rib. Took 3 months to heal. To answer the question, I got the Cat 500 up to 62 once.
  2. The petcock is the fuel shut off switch.
  3. Well, I was sitting on one when I took the picture I entered.
  4. It looks better full screen size. This shot is my wife on her Honda 420 on the Willie White trail south of Cloudcroft, NM
  5. Ethanol belongs in a bottle without gasoline
  6. Bienvenidos to a fellow Texian and Cat rider. I'd like to say let's get together, but there are about 800 miles of Texas between us. Fact is, Moab is 100 miles closer to me than you are.
  7. Math teacher. High school upper level and some classes at community college
  8. How much difference does it make if you go to a different altitude? I live at about 4000 feet and plan to go do some riding at 8500. Is it worth the trouble to change the jet in the carb if I am just going to do some forest trail riding? I am on a 2003 arctic cat 500.

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