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  2. We have been having many problems with the Gov mandated ethanol blend gasoline. It is terrible for all our small engines. Chainsaws are really having problems.
  3. Not putting anything in storage for the Winter. Hoping to have some decent days to ride. Usually in January, there are very few nice days; but Spring won't be too far ahead. As I type this the weather is really nasty tonight, a fierce cold wind and sleet. out-there
  4. Is this photo shopped?
  5. I have seen this all too often. 1. Improper ramps 2. Not securing the ramps to the vehicle, VERY IMPORTANT Get a good set of ramps, with good traction surface on them; and always tie the off, or bolt or pin them to the vehicle. I have used aluminum, wood, and steel, no problem. On some trailers I have had holes drilled in the ramps at the top, or a pin or bolt welded to the ramp to fit in a hole at the trailer edge. At least use a ratchet strap to securely hold that ramp to the trailer or truck. No fun getting hurt loading. out-there
  6. zacdog, I'll give you my take on your problem: I think you are talking about the nipple that the hose connects to, on your cap. It should be fine; no gas should come out if the vent is working properly; there is a valve in the cap that separates vapor from liquid, only allowing vapor to vent from the tank. But in saying that; I wouldn't let the quad out in the rain or pressure wash it. Water may enter the hole in the cap, where the vent hose should be. DON'T plug the hole! Your system needs that to be open to the atmosphere.
  7. Thanks for posting that , it will come in handy.
  8. I have a 1986 Yamaha YFM225, Moto-4, 4x2 It devloped a noise in the driveline: Sounds like a clicking and has a slight catching feel. It gets worse if you are on a bind, say turning left or roght or going up hill. No noise going down a smooth road. It sounds like a universal joint going bad on a car. How do I check the U-joints on this model and or replace them? I did drain the differential oil and it is clean, no gold or silver glitter or metal pieces, so I am ruling out the differential. Thank You
  9. I just just the forum, and would like to say, hello to all here. I've had ATV's since they were ATC's; just a casual rider. Like to get out on them or do a little work around the property with them.

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