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  1. Phc12


  2. Having are hard time getting u joints off the drive shaft can someone help please thanks
  3. Just put on rebuild carb will start with choke on but will not ideal When I give it gas it starts to back fire???????
  4. Having problem reinstalling rear axle Manuel says to push axle in till it stops. Remove says to tap axle out do I have to tap in? Axle seems to stop short axle seal is about 1/4 inch away from the seal? Any help would be great thanks! Just want to ride!!!
  5. Best bet send message to Oxidized_black he has all the books hope that helps
  6. Just got 2011 arctic cat 350 4x4 . Never owed arctic cat before is there anything I should be watching ou for? Ur help would be great Thanks phc12
  7. Ha man looking for 96 ymf350fw manual if u can help that would be great!! Thanks phc12
  8. If my axle is worn dose that mean I need a new ring gear? If yes dose anyone know were can get one that is not 300 bucks?
  9. Rear end is fill of mud and dirt bearing r gone but all gears look good Think I'm going to try replacing bearing and seals Thanks guys for ur info
  10. Just found one on eBay under yamaha parts think it was 250 good luck!!
  11. 96 big bear 350 4x4 se I have the manual but it dose not tell me how to check and or change trans fluid any help would be great thanks
  12. The oil filter is on left side down by the foot pigs Where the oil cooler lines r Behide 3 bolts

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