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  2. the 2005 should be good as this issue does not concern the efi or electrical system its more for a reference guide for me . Thanks !!
  3. Thanks for the Help guys.. After I got home took it all apart cleaned all terminals and it still did the same thing gave the starter another really good hit and whola it started to work again I guess it was a fluke and there is a bad spot in the starter. Thanks Again Great Forum..
  4. Thanks I 'am on shift today so I was hoping that was all it was.
  5. new to site !! Power washed a 2006 500 h/o efi x2 last night and now it wont start havent really looked at it but thought i might figure out where to start. Started fine before I washed with power washer under the seat. Turn key on fuel pump cycles and then just clicks at solinoid as I try to start it, doesnt seem to be sending power to starter!!then get this weird buzzing,clicking sound coming from somewhere by the carberator. Battery is good load tested it fully charged. quick pull with the cord fires right up. Again it was late last night never really spent any time to check all connections. Never had this problem with my arcticat hahah!!! Thanks
  6. Sounds like you have some wire chaffing going on start chasing wires and cleaning conections you will find it. print off a wiring scematic.
  7. remove starter sounds like the bandix is sticking, might just need to be cleaned and reassembled. If not might need the starter rebuilt.
  8. New to site! Looking for 2006 polaris sportsman efi x2 500 h/o manual or the yesr closest to not sure how often they changed their gear boxes Thanks Regards

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