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  2. Thanks oxidized_black I have never used either heli coil or jb weld but have taken the time to look at youtube for both product usage. Is there any added advice on the job for the 'Big Bear' broken thread that you can point me to. Some questions I have to start with: Do I need to strip out the casing to drill the hole to insert the coil Do I use the original Big Bear (top up oil) bolt head in the new coil Do I put the coil in before I start using and building up with the jb weld Hope you don't mind these questions.
  3. Rear axle top up threaded housing broke today; please see pic. Quad still usable until today but no value in it for costly replacement. Would welcome any thoughts on "how can I keep it running" can the housing be repaired ???
  4. Cograts' nice when plans come to fruition.
  5. Thanks guys I couldn't believe my own (strip down) notes. Regards Richard
  6. Hi again I am reassembling the bike after a few days when life got in my way. My notes show that the bottom carb tube is an overflow. But I am not sure that my notes are correct. I have 3 tube connections on the carb: top on is an air breather from the air inlet system. the middle tube is for the gas supply from the tank the bottom one I believei s an overflow tube. Is this correct. I attach a pic for clarity. Regards Richard
  7. SUCCESS I had to remove the shift pedal as recommended by Getch (thank you) to fully get at the lowest bolt. I hammered in the oversize torx but it didn't grab, just turned inside the dratted bolt. Had a coffee thought of swearing but instead used a centre punch and hammered the bolt head, eventually it turned and I took off the last bolt AND then had another coffee. But I didn't take any notice of how the filter came out, BTW it was very clean. I have a new OEM filter and like the original it has a closed end and the other end is open. I believe the filter should be replaced by placing the open end into the engine, so when it is fitted I see the closed end; is this correct.
  8. Thanks every-one. 2 minutes available today. I easily undone top right hand bolt using over sized tork "fitted" with a big hammer and it turned off easily. Didn't have time to get at the difficult bottom bolt so that is for Friday with a bit of luck. Thanks again for all your interest and excellent advice. This forum is an excellent source of helpful information from friendly & supportive members. Thank you again.
  9. Thanks guys Will try all your tricks, starting with the torx bit, if I have one big enough.
  10. Hi This bike is fighting me at every turn. 2 of the 3 allen key bolts holding the oil filter cover are stuck. They have an internal 6mm key which has been rounded out. Partly by me but mainly before I touched it. Has any one any experience in removing these stubborn bolts, that is the lowest (the most difficult to get at) and right hand top bolt. My thoughts are drilling the heads out or using a centre punch to hammer the heads around, (could this crack the engine housing where the bolt threads are??) also drilling and using screw extractor. Any thoughts and advice would be welcome.
  11. Thanks O_B It certainly looks like it should connect to something. I thought maybe I had made a mistake and taken something off and then lost it. Thanks again
  12. I have sent a picture which may explain better than my description.
  13. Hi. The air cleaner case has 2 ducts coming from or into it one goes to the carb. The other duct on mine is not connected to anything other than where it comes out of the case. It has an open end about 1 1/2" dia ending under the gas tank with a crankcase breather connected to it. Where should it connect to ??? (cannot see it in the service or owners manual) nor can I see any suitable connection point.
  14. Just for update These pics of my carb may help someone else. It is a single throttle cable that operates all that is needed BUT it has been fitted with a twin cable from the throttle assembly with one cable not connected. The pics show the operating connection with some red tape on it. Thanks again for help and advice. "still trying to find my VIN looked everywhere (I think)"
  15. Thanks o_b I believe I downloaded your service manual which I am embarrassed to say I did not thank you for; but belatedly I do so now. As a new user of the or indeed any quad the pic at 4.1 in the service manual did not fully make me aware of the 2nd throttle cable position. I can see it now including the description of "Piston Valve Cable" on id #8 on the page. I will be most interested to see what is discovered when I open up the carb. Either a bad alteration or a vacuum operated carb. Thanks again.
  16. Will do. Email hiccup for the last hour or so, my service provider had a hiccup. Some messages may have been returned as undeliverable. All is now good and safe. Regards quintain
  17. Thanks Getch It could be that the bike is a bit newer than I thought. I cannot see that anyone would have changed the carb for a newer one. I have watched youtube on a number of carb cleans and when time permits I will strip it and see whats happening. I still cannot find the VIN and I am looking in the correct area i.e. frame below or in front of gear shift, I can almost (I think) see some sort of marking on the frame behind the shift. The bike has had a hard farming life and is banged about and surface rusted. But I hope to eventually get the VIN. At this moment I am working, when time permits, on the brakes and have just discovered that the bleed screw on the nearside front is damaged so I need to fully strip that down. Thank you for your interest.
  18. I'll strip it over the weekend end and see what is under the top !!! But what should my missing connection do ??
  19. Hello again Much dirtier carb top but hopefully you can see what mine is like.
  20. Thanks to you both. My carb does not have the top connector, the one with the 3 screws holding it down. My carb looks like your picture but the top piece has no opening. Any thoughts ?? I can send a pic (later) if it would help.
  21. Hi, (Big Bear 350 4x4 1990 +- year, I am still looking for the VIN). Quad starts and runs and has 2 cables coming out of the throttle cable assembly one goes to the carb the other is not connected. Where should the unconnected cable be connected to ??? I have a service manual but can only find talk of "Throttle valve cable" and "Piston valve cable" I cannot see where the "piston valve cable connects. Any help especially with pictures would be good.
  22. This is my first post and I have some pics which I have attached. I have just bought a doer upper, Big Bear 1995 350 fwd. My first ever quad !! I took off the odometer cable and housing from the crankcase and there was no drive gear on the end of the cable. No sign of it in the part of the crankcase I could see. I am concerned the drive gear could have fallen down into the crankcase. Can I just take off the crankcase cover while the engine is in place to check if the cog has fallen into anything it could damage when I next start it up.

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