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  2. anybody can tell me what is the outside diameter of a kingpin bushing # 51215-950-000 Thanks Gignac02
  3. It probably a 1985 bought at the end of 1984. I found in the suzuki parts catalog, that they have used 3 different stator fot the lt250. And the one the used on mine is not showed in the 1985 repair manual. Any info on that 6 wires stator will be appreciated. I already know that the 3 yellows are the altenator, still the orage, green and black to know use and resistance! Thanks gignac02
  4. i did have that manual. I don't know if it because my LT 250 was made in 1984, but none of the electrical diagram fit the number of wire and color of wire on the CDI and the stator. I have checked with Suzuki and i have the proper CDI and Stator for this ATV. CDI parts number is= F8T08671. any help to determine witch wire or wires are pick-up coil and impulse generator will be appreciated! There is only 6 wires comming out of the Stator and the 3 yellows are for the charging circuit. 1 green, 1 orange and 1 black are left for the ignition thanks gignac02
  5. I have a 1 suzuki lt250 quadrunner with no spark. I can't find the proper electrical diagram for it. The CDi as 6 wires comming out of it. orange, green an black/? going to stator . Comming out from engine (Stator) 3 yellow ( alternator ) 1 orange, 1 green, and 1 black/?. Witch wire is or are pick-up coil? impulse generator? What should be the resistance of them? ignition coil test good ! anybody as info on it , please help! Thanks Gignac02
  6. Last year i have changed the timing chain on my 1997 TRX350. I did use silicone between head and cover. now it is leaking. I am looking for a better product than silicone to put between cover and head. What should i use?
  7. I want to install a winch ( super winch) in front of a 1996 magnum 425 4X4. Not tomutch room! any idiea? Pictures? Thanks Gignac02

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