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  1. Chopermech


  2. Take pics of groove and post. In fact, post a video so we can hear the squeal to better diagnose it. If your deflection is good, you might hear some squeal, and that is ok. You should not be hearing it in neutral however. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Maintenance manual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If deflection is within spec, leave it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Many people with that set up like the EPI almond secondary and maroon primary. The Kawasaki OEM belt is the most durable. Kawasaki belt number 59011-0019
  6. Check and adjust belt deflection iaw the maintenance manual. May be too much slack.
  7. Dirty or corroded electrical connections or bad Electronic control unit maybe?
  8. Also the diaphragms have a small brass rice jet at the top on the sealing side and the rubber could have a tear that wont allow the slide to open. You can check this by pulling the filter off and making sure they open at the same time.
  9. Pull the main jets and emulsifier tubes and make sure all the little holes are clear and can see light through them. Same thing with the pilot jet. This should clear it up if you have not modded your airbox to allow more air.
  10. Make sure the belt switch is in "on" when you pull the cover off.
  11. Elka never did make a front strut, just springs. You can get EPI springs which are slightly stiffer and get my nitro charging with thicker fluid for very cheap. Also the steering stabilizer is worth its weight in gold, and a very inexpensive mod. The nich for the Prairie 700 and BF SRA 650 is sport quad fun and handling with a 4x4 utility front end with winch capability. You can turn them on a dime in the mud trails. IRS will try to compress the suspension and lean over, almost tipping the atv. But if using the atv as a jet ski, then IRS gives you the ground clearance.
  12. You should see all what i did with this chassis design, lol
  13. Also change all fluids. You can use rotella 15w-40 in the engine and front diff, and puroilator makes a larger pure one oil filter, same as the 13nissan frontier v6
  14. If you want more power: 12 hole mod the airbox lid, get a muzzy exhaust, dynatek cdi, upp crossovers, and get clutch work from www.vforcejohn.com suspension: everybody makes a rear shock, but elka had the best front spring package, which are now discontinued. Jetting: only use Keihin jets. I designed steering stabilizer clamps sold by atvtrickstuff.com to be used with kfx 450 stick dampeners. Front suspension and steering is the most inhibiting performance factor as it will fatigue the rider long before you run out of atv potential.
  15. I also mod front struts and nitro charge them

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