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    The Pink RZR takes on Brown Mountain OHV Park

    In Its Quest to Help Find a Cure   Brown Mtn OHV Park Sign The day was beautiful. The trail was just damp enough to keep the dust down. Friends were laughing in the background. Off-road engines were roaring past here and there. Could this day get any better? We soon discovered it could. Having a new Polaris RZR as our vehicle of choice turned an already awesome day into an unforgettable one as we took on the challenge of the Brown Mountains.  


    Standing Out in the Crowd   From the time we pulled into the parking lot, the Pink RZR was the center of attention. Now when you think PINK 4-wheeler, especially a side-x-side, you think “Oh no, youLoading Ramp at Brown Mtn OHV Park didn’t!” but in fact, we did. When I first saw it, I thought of the old Barbie Mobiles from years ago. However, when I climbed in, turned the key and fired up those 800ccs, I knew immediately, this was no Barbie Mobile! So did everyone else. Later in the day, some of the other riders dubbed it the Pink Panther. By the end of the day, everyone understood why THIS machine is the keynote equipment used in the 2009 OHV Tour for a Cure. 


    The Legendary Mountain   Polaris RZR @ Brown Mtn. OHV ParkBrown Mountain OHV Park was the perfect place to test out this new machine. Steeped in mystery, this mountain range is legendary, especially among off-road enthusiasts. Everyone who goes there has heard some of the old folklore that passes down through the generations. There are tales of ancient maidens and warriors who still travel these hills in the deep of night looking for answers, truths, and each other. Some of the legends say this is the place to find the answers to whatever you are seeking. That is exactly what we found that day. The truth is, the RZR can take on any challenge it encounters and conquer it, including the formidable Brown Mountains.  


    The Trail System   Main Trailhead at Brown Mtn OHV ParkBrown Mountain OHV Park has an intricate system of trails for all difficulty ratings. There is definitely something for everyone. My favorite loop is going up the main trail (#1) from the trailhead, taking it all the way to the top and circling back around on trail #8. That is the route I took first with the RZR to get used to this new machine. I was impressed from the first turn. During the day, we hit each of the other trails, one by one, until we had conquered them all except the ones labeled for bikes only. The RZR did phenomenally well on all of them. 


    The RZR   Polaris Ranger RZR Passion Pink Edition Immediately, I knew the RZR came endowed with power, endurance, strength, and durability unmatched by any other side-x-side I had ever tested. Its more compact size in width and length allowed me to go anywhere I would normally go on my ATV. The low center of gravity gained by putting the motor behind the seat instead of under it provides greater stability than many of the other side-x-sides in its class. That design also keeps its overall height more comparable to that of an ATV allowing it to go under more obstacles out on the trail, while still allowing for great ground clearance. The relative low weight of the RZR coupled with its powerful big bore 800 EFI Engine gives it the “oomph” to tackle even the most challenging trails.  


    Perfect Combination   From that day forward, the RZR and the OHV Tour for a Cure have worked together seamlessly to increase positive awareness about the off-road community and to raise funds for some great cancer-related charities. Furthermore, since people often associate the color pink with cancer research, this new LE version with the Passion Pink Graphics Kit leaves nothing to be desired.

    For more information about the Polaris Ranger RZRs, please go to http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-US/Ranger/Pages/Home.aspx.   As Always, remember to TREAD lightly and always leave the trail better than you found it.

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