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How would you like to have one of these?

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really. that's awesome.

i'm looking for some patches to put on my jersey/pants for my sponsors....but i can't figure out who does that or how to get it done.

like this:


how he has the patches on his butt and his legs for his sponsors. that's what I want to find. That's what I'd like to have!!

Just take your Patches to any Fabric store....They Usually have numbers of people that do that sort of thing on the Side....That is how I have gotten everything Ive needed done....:yes:

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Wheeler those are not patches. It is what the call sublimated. What this means is they put the design straight into the fabric. It would be just like the fox logo on one of your current jerseys.

Racegun, no they don't do mx gear. I've been begging her to make me something.

MWKE, if you seriously want some shirts made, contact DrtyGrl. She CAN do it.

Anyone who is interested this is her company's site address.

Phoenix Custom Apparel - Welcome

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bahahaha, great idea MWKE :)

I have patches for one of my sponsors, I'd like a Girlyz patch made. The other sponsors are plastered on my bike....but Girlyz and Pretty Tough are my mains...they've done the most for me, gone out of their way to accomdate me...so I feel like I owe them an extra something......

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