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2002 Kawasaki Bayou KLF300

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Posted (edited)

So a few weeks ago ended up buying a 02 Bayou 300 for 100.00

Get there to see it and motor was gone through and parts missing, stuff not connected

and a big freekin bucket of parts and bolts. He said had no power and mechanic said it was

the wrist pin. Ended up leaving it in pieces and left like that. I end up getting most of it back together

and manage to get it to fire up. I drive it and has no power! No missing just no power. I figure check 

the timing chain as he did replace that. Well I spin the motor over and guess what!

A blind guy could have done a better jobs. Just one question, I  loosen the top bolt on the tensioner then remove it

right? Nothing is gonna fall inside the motor is it? just making sure, need this out before I can move the cam gear 

to the right location. Thanks in advance Az






Edited by Arizona

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Ok Reset timing, also adjusted intake and exh. valves. 

put back together still no power. sounds and feels like timing is retarted.

runs smooth but wont get out of its own way. I can floor it and keep it from moving

with my feet. Not a fuel issue, wondering if valve was damaged when he first had a problem.

I guess next step is to check compression but have to find one small enough to fit the plug hole. 

Any ideas?



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Hey brother nice find for $100 bucks. If that timing was out a lot then the valves and piston could have collided.  Not likely based on what it looks like in the pics. The timing chain tensioner CAN come out without anything falling inside the engine.  Reset the timing and adjust the valves.  Then do a compression test and let us know what you have. If your about 90psi or better great.   

Check the carburetor is adjusted right and the engine runs good. 

Then see how it runs.  If the bike is not moving but the engine is reving then it may be a clutch adjustment or replacement. 

Start there first and get back.  

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Not the carb. set right and also installed a new one with identical results.

Not the clutch, no slipping, just no power, 

Feels like your trying to start off in 5th gear. 

adjusted timing and valves, will have to check compression when I 

find right adapter for gauge. 

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I can rev it in neutral but even in neutral very sluggish, kinda like if the cat/converter is plugged up. 

Gonna try opening up exhaust at the pipe just to check, you never know. I have had extensive experience

in automotive but only on cars, it basically runs like the valve timing is off, can drive it but barely goes and if

I hit 2nd gear it can barely handle it, not rich or lean mixture, im stumped but still waiting on compression, that should

at least tell me if motor is ok. Gonna order a new tester with a 12mm thread pitch today. Let you know when I know the

compression. Kinda sucks as going by what the previous owner told me. He said ran fine then one day had no power. His 

mechanic tears motor down, new valve seals, new chains, I found the wrist pin clip and old valve seals in the bucket of parts.

but the problem is related to the original complaint. no power, nothing has changed. I found a thread on the same problem 

with the same vehicle but cant find out the outcome. link here.....https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/atvs-utility-vehicles/98508-kawasaki-bayou-300-no-power.html


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Ok, finally received the adapter for the compression test it reads right at 120. 

I have double and triple checked the cam timing, Its perfect.  I re adjusted the valves.

I even made sure the piston was at tdc in case the crank key sheared. All 

looks good. I looked down the plug hole and piston looks super clean. Like I said the 

previous owner had a mechanic work on it. I tore down the carb and cleaned it out and even

put a new one on, have even tried to adjust it while running still same. Plug is perfect color, carb is does not 

seem rich or lean at idle or off idle. Clutch not slipping, Charging at 14.2     I was going to check to make sure

the ignition timing was advancing but when removing the inspection plug with the engine running it spews oil out

like a mad volcano so cannot check that. Cannot be sure but it seems like its running hot,( more of a guess)

I did remove the exhaust just to rule out plugged exhaust. Ran the same.  Are these 300s just a dog? My 220 

would run circles around this one. Im stumped. Any ideas? Az

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intake is fine,  choke wise uses the plunger style, no butterfly. Not stuck. Even checked to see if rubber intake was

cracked leaking vacuum, no problem found. Had a feeling it was gonna be a headache but for a 100.00 if I cant 

figure it out can always flip it. Kinda liked this one as has all the options I like including the locking rear diff. Gonna

keep messing with it. let ya know Az

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Update. Ok after re adjusting valves this morning and tearing everything down again 

I decided to get the original carb which was  originally full of dirt and sand inside and went through it again,

same as last time, compressed air, carb cleaner through all the jets, air bleeds etc. put that one back on the engine

and fired it up and presto, like magic all power there, no more backfiring at idle, reved up great, drove it around and 

runs almost like new. must be a combination of valve timing, valve adjustments, carb problems all in one to finally fix it.

I now agree with most everyone else that the Chinese carburetors are junk. Mimicked other problems, don't know if jets are

too small or what, wasn't lean at all. Now the the last thing. I runs great but at an idle its about 300 rpms lean. I tried adjusting

the needle at the bottom of the carb while running and no change. How can I richen it up at idle only and not off idle? There are

no adjustments on the needle on the diaphragm. Float is fine, If I can fix that lean at idle it will be like new and I might have 

some hair left lol Thx. Az

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Posted (edited)

I said it from the beginning about Chinese carbs 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Very nice work brother. Ride safe 

Edited by Frank Angerano

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sweet find! where d you find this bike??  lol  i had a 300 myself and it gave me nothing but issues..  also running under 80psi compression even after a $500 rebuild..  I put a chinese carb on mine too and it didnt run any better or worse than the stock carb that i had rebuilt 3 times..  guess its different in your case.  glad you got it running- hope it gives you less crap than mine did for me..

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Yea I thought it was a good buy, had to drive about 70 miles one way to get it but still worth it.

I used a cheap carb on the bayou 220 and worked fine but this one is like it was too small of a cfm. 

didn't seem lean as mixture went but was just too small. Like putting a 1 barrel on a blower set up. 

Just have to put all back together now and hope all the bolts are in the bucket I got along with the

other parts with it. 

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Well I contacted the seller of the defective carburetor and they sent me another one.

This one works great, tons of power, not lean at idle or off idle, idles great and starts

great. Couple of pics of my 100 dollar atv after all the headaches. I love a challenge. 

Next is a 81 Honda ATC its the worst I have seen. anyway enjoy

20190622_163537 (2).jpg


20190622_163528 (2).jpg



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Looks great, nice work! Nothing like bringing a bike back from the dead.  

Be sure to post pics of that new project. 

Ride safe 

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Ok, so its been a while on this bayou 300. It runs great but has a tapping noise from the motor.

Gets worse as it warms up. Runs smooth, but that noise is pretty loud, I know its hard to identify

motor noises but thinking may need piston. Gonna eventually pull it apart after done with my other

project. Not sure what rod bearings sound like on a atv but to me it sounds like piston or wristpin. 

What you think.  You tube video here--------  



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Dam that’s  a hell of a knock. I herd the same thing on my bayou 400 and 220 as soon as I reved it  a bit it went away. Turned out to be a clutch adjustment. I heard it coming from the clutch side. Hope it’s the same for you . 

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was going to adjust the clutch but lucky me the 300 it looks like you have to take off the case to do that. 

There are 2 covers on the clutch side, took both off nothing there, looks like adjustments are internal. 

May put it off until I finish the Polaris.  Az

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