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So im back at it again. Another headache but different manufacturer. 

I picked up an 81 ATC 110 for almost nothing. It is nothing to look at but 

they seem to collect them out this way so I figured I could always get my money back

no matter what the condition. The motor wasn't locked up and it had spark. Had not run in years

(always the case) I pulled off the carb and cleaned it out the best I could, lots of corrosion. Years of water etc.

after pulling it forever got it to fire but would barely idle and super rich off idle. Black smoke fouling out plug immediately.

Ordered a (yes you guessed it a Chinese carb as only available) and still super rich, same no change. Choke is open. I lowered the 

metering rod as low as the adjustment goes. Turned in the a/f screw and bottomed it out still rich. Not flooding, float level good

and nothing restricting air flow, air box is not there just open carb. I ended up checking compression and only had about 75psi

I checked the valves and the exhaust valve was too tight. Loosened it up and got 110 PSI  Now starts easier but still super rich. 

Black smoke when you rev it up if it revs up cant find any other way to lean it out. Have another carb on the way but not very

confident it will fix it. Any weird things to look for? Checked cam timing its good. It has elect. ignition and even tried to advance

the ign. timing just to see what would do. So what do the ATC Masters have to say?  Pics to follow.   Az

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Sounds like a fun project. I would put that carb on and see how it goes because it sounds like you can't get you A/F mixture correct. Is it jetted correctly? Is that a new chinese carb you put on and are ordering another one?

You can find parts at https://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/l/hon/50541767f870021c54bef607/1981-atc110-a-parts

Service manual:


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LOL, After further checking its not running rich, its blowing oil. With the compression being 

pretty good im assuming its the valve seals. Little more than I wanted to mess with as everything

needs work. Just not worth the effort for what I got in it. I posted it for sale at double what I paid 

for it and have at least 20 offers. Hoping just to let it go tonight. Looking at it its pretty rough. Some pics

for your enjoyment lol. Az




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There are people out there that will buy it just for the engine, that rear rack, fenders and plastics etc.  

Its in rough shape but I bet you will get double what you paid. 


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