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125 and 250 4x4

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Well needed a bike fix so drove an hour (they are never close) and picked up 

2 Suzuki atvs. a 125 and a 250 quadrunner 4x4  both in bad shape but all tires are good

so that pretty much pays for what I paid for them. Can always use them on other atv.

Sprayed them off and parked them in the shop till further notice when I get really bored and 

finish the one im working on now. These look pretty rough, I am challenging myself more and more

each time. Where will it stop? lol. Seems like each one I get is a different brand. Firs time I have got

Suzuki. Time will tell. Az


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The medical term for your condition is not the new Coronavirus but ATVV - ATV Virus - sometimes called ATVF, or ATV Fever.  The fever will resolve once these two are running, at which point in time the fever will spontaneously reappear, causing you to drive TWO hours away to purchase more toys.  It gets worse.  And there is no cure.  Sorry.

They look older than my '99 King Quad.  They may be in the mid-late 80s?

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