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Anyone getting stuff done at home?

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So with this mess going on outside and the stay at home thing happening i wanted to ask who's getting what done around there house, apartment and property or toys? 

I honestly cannot believe what my wife and i have accomplished over the last few weeks.  
Unfortunately we have worked ourselves out of work!!! 
I have to give all the credit to my daughter for the below listed work. She came to me a few weeks back and said daddy since we are stuck in the house can we do my room over.   
I was in a keep away from everyone hunker down and lets just get through this Coronavirus mess.  She changed the entire direction of our mood and how we would push through this. 
I have painted all the kids rooms and did a make over per say for each of there rooms. While the painting sh** was out i decided to continue and paint the moldings over with one coat of semi gloss in the entire house.   
After that we decided to tear the closets and drawers apart and sort out all clothing, donate what we are not keeping etc.  I picked up a couple of shoe racks to organize my sneaker collection from BJ's $20 bucks for a 3 tier rack. 
Cleaned every nook and cranny of the house, windows, walls, radiators, ceiling fans you name it including pulling the furniture out and getting behind everything! (Scary back there) lol.  
Sh** we even did the inside of the oven with easy off!  That stuff is no joke btw..... I assure you we are clean people but after pulling the furniture out and the oven and refrigerator i have to say we need to do better with that sh**.  
We decided to go  to the back yard and see what we could do. I went ahead and painted the foundation walls, added mulch and set the furniture up, bbq included.  I added some cool light stringers across the yard as well from Amazon.   
We are looking at what to do in the front of the house next.  
We made a list and tackle a little each day, Saturday and Sunday are big task days. Im still working so afternoon tasks are maybe an hour or two each day.  
We have been very productive to say the least.  I feel like this is the perfect time to make the best of a bad situation and it keeps our mind off of the sh** going on in the world while we work.  
This may sound like a lot but making a list and tackling realistic goals at the end of each day works well. Plus a lot of 🍺  and 🍷!!!!! The kids have been helping out big time and we try to keep it fun. 
We hopefully will never have the chance to do this again but i was wondering who's doing what if anything at all.  Our regards go out to anyone that have been affected by this virus weather it be family or friends. 
I recommend making early trips to Home Depot and BJ's and the grocery stores to stay away from crowds and lines, its a ghost town early in the morning.   
Believe  it or not that Suzuki Eiger is fixed but still needs to be put back together and here i am on Quadcrazy asking who's doing what around the house but the Suzuki can wait for a little while. 
Keep ya head up and stay motivated!!!!


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Wow @Frank Angerano that's a lot! I ordered about $200 from home depot on Sunday,  still waiting for local delivery.  This has inspired me to type out my list....

Done so far:

  • Installed new pre-hung door in basement
  • cleaned and organized basement and storage
  • Planted about 100 seedling bushes
  • Started our outdoor garden and planted seeds
  • Yard cleanup, planted and trimmed additional bushes
  • Fixed rotted boards on deck
  • Fixed roof shingles that came off roof
  • Wired a new 3 way switch in basement
  • Wired an outdoor outlet for security cam
  • Went to the reservoir to check on row boat, did some fishing

To do list:

  • Landscaping, need some excavator work, drainage
  • Power wash deck and stain/water proofing 
  • Fix my quad...
  • Fix my aerator quad attachment (ordered new bar)
  • Aerate and seed grass, fertilize, etc.
  • Cut some rock in my driveway
  • Re-plant some smaller pine trees
  • Get a dumpster and clean out my garage (has a lot of construction debris from our addition last year)
  • New bathroom in addition (still studs/bare and holding off for financial reason to see what happens with work and corona-virus)
  • Fix water leaking inside our Chevy equinox
  • Clean basement gym, clean off treadmill and bike...get into some exercising!
  • Build a minnow tank in my garage and order online for fishing
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I power washed my deck and painted with thompson's water seal yesterday. Wife and daughter helped. Power washed our grill as well.  Mark this done!

Power wash deck and stain/water proofing 

19 hours ago, MarkinAR said:

Just laid out the plans for a 12x25 deck to run by the patio out to the pool deck. Part of the back yard stays wet so we'll just put a deck over it. 

Cool! we want to build a pergola over our deck and grow grape, but we'll have to see how much I get done off the list first...lol. My wife planted the grape vine by the deck already...

18 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

Nice! Nothing better then adding a new deck! Lots of lighting brother add lots of lighting.   I like lights in the steps too! 

What kind of lighting? Deck post lighting or other?

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Ok so today’s progress! 

Re packed all the winter summer clothes into new better fitting rubbermaids and organized the closets again to suit the needs. I also took the mattres out of the trundle bed at the bottom of the bunk beds and got rid of it. Nobody uses it so it’s gone. I went to Home Depot and got Rubbermaid’s that fit under it and organized even more sh** so I basically have a big drawer now with bins.  

I did some re pointing of some masonry items on the house and sealed the tile on the porch. 

Washed one of the trucks. 

Cleaned the garage AGAIN! 

Im losing it I think!!!!!


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1 hour ago, Frank Angerano said:

Finally made it to the butcher! 
30 pounds of shell 🥩 cut at an inch and a half thick. 
Cheese and parsley sausage, sweet sausage and hot sausage!

Chicken rollatini!

Stuffed chicken breast!

Summer is going be good!!!


NICE!!! I'm assuming you freeze it? BTW, picture of lights on the dresser and outside look great!

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Ive only started my "Vacation" from work. I have been mainly hiking to different places to fly the drone since this time of year there is no leaves on the trees yet and no growth so this is a prime time to look for abandoned things. My other project when I have time (or a lousy day outside) is a model railway layout controlled by a PLC. I built this to learn how to do programming. I built a first generation unit using an older PLC, but soon ran into problems with limited points and memory space. Decided to go for it and I bought a more modern unit with a lot more points and memory. Had a good chunk of time so far to complete the layout and soon will be ready for programming.



0413201836 (Large).jpg

0413201837 (Large).jpg

0413201837a (Large).jpg

0413201837b (Large).jpg

0413201838a (Large).jpg

0413201838b (Large).jpg

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