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WTB Power Bands for 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke!!

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I have some pink power bands you can use! there real soft on the bottom, wcked midrange, and hit hard at the end!

or jsut regular blue ones..


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They are not Cracked or Damaged are they??? Is the Pink one used?? And,,,,If Im not Mistaken those were predominantly used for the 250EX's Right.Would be nice for the Wifes Ride... I've had the Blue ones in the Past and they are ok....Just dont have the Snap that Im accustomed to on the 2 Strokes....However, Nice to have in the Parts Kit when something goes wrong.....Hit me with a Shipped Price....But be nice,,,,,Im OLD and on a FIXED INCOME:D

Anyone Else?????? I need MORE THAN TWO!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have some brown ones but they run like crap and grey ones smoke so don't get those ones. Don't use a mixture of black and blue ones either they'll throw ya on the ground. The red ones run hot from what i hear. The yellow ones are mellow and are good for the TRI-Z seeing as they can't keep up anyway...Chris

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The yellow ones are mellow and are good for the TRI-Z seeing as they can't keep up anyway...Chris


Why dont you just take that Golf Cart of yours and Go Wash some Balls:eek: :D:P

QuadCrazy couldn't resist and had to attach this image:


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