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‘87;Yamaha Moto 350/ gas in crankcase


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Hey, I’m getting oil coming out of the fill/ dipstick handle when running and I have overfilled crankcase that smells like gas. Would this be a sticking float in the carb?


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Sticking float or badly tuned carb that's running way too much fuel to the motor washing the cylinders down.  usually a sticking float will leak out the carb overflow though, assuming it's not blocked.

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Yeah! I have been using non ethanol fuel last fall and  It ran fine and I haven’t ridden it over the winter. Although I did start it up once a month. I’ll check your suggestions. Thanks…

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If it's done it after a long sit then you should check the fuel tap.

Lot's of perfectly fine operating float needles, that work all day long in use, will allow the engine to flood overnight...

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    • By Dabrowski_1
      Hey All, just a quick hello and look forward to being part of the forum. 
      recently picked up this 91 YFM250B from a farm in Victoria, melbourne Australia for $650. It had a dead battery but i did get a video of it running before i brought it. Problem was that it had a severe backfire through the carb. 
      Anyways, the last 3 weeks ive been spending hours a day getting it back to running perfectly. 

      here's what I've had to fix so far;
      - Couldnt get the timing marks to line up, stretched chain!
      - someone had been into the carb in the past becuase the float was upside down, aso was leaking fuel quite badly
      - airbox was missing the cage, so i brought a complete K&N unit
      - Swingarm bearings were destroyed!!! What a sage to get the swingarm bolts out!!!! all cleaned up and ready for installation
      - currently working on the front end becuase there is a bit of play in the bearings

      just waiting on some parts from yamaha and ill be able to fire it up and see if all is working well. 

    • By denno
      Greetings.  We just got this from my sister-in-law.  (Bet she doesn't know, either!)
      First the battery was wimpy.  I discovered this battery needs to be filled (hadn't seen such in decades), and that NAPA sells the acid. 
      Now feels like it's not getting enough gas to catch.  Added gas.  No change.  I would normally now try the choke, or starter fluid in the intake.  Cannot find those!  Cannot find a diagram.  Oy!

      Can you quit laughing long enough to help, please?

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      I have a Timberwolf 250 that will only shift into reverse when it is in gear. It will not shift if in neutral. Has anyone had the same issue and if so how did you fix it?
    • By olddude
      I just bought a KingQuad and it seems I am the third owner. The guy I got it from said it was a 2008, 400. When I first looked at it I could tell the machine had, had a pretty rough life. The plastics were all wire tied together and a lot of it was missing all together. I wasn't to worried about the plastic, that is until I checked the prices on that stuff.LOL I was more worried about the nuts and bolts than the plastic. Actually the bike was in pretty good shape mechanically and I could tell the original owner, although he ran the pure living crap out of it he did replace stuff when it broke. I could see that all the CV shafts had been replaced and both drive shafts had new boots on them. The suspention was all tight and according to the guy I bought it from the guy told him that he had gone through the motor. I drove it around his yard and everything worked but the brakes, there was none at all, but it had plenty of pep and no smoke so I pulled out 28 hunnard dollar bills and waved them before his eyes and he forgot all about the $3200.00 he was asking and away I went.
      He gave me a box of parts the guy gave him that had a new CV shaft, a tie rod shaft, a oil filter and two sets of brake pads which was a plus. Oh and I also liked the fairly new wheels and mud tires that were on it. When I got home the first thing I did was to make a list of some things I wanted to replace. I especially didn't like the front fender and the side plastic pieces and also I wanted to get a service manual. I got on line and found a 2008 400 manual and I bought it for $22.00. AS soon as I downloaded the manual I knew something was wrong. First was the rear brakes. The 400's had brake shoe's and this bike has that newer brake system that's on the front of the rear differential. Also there was no FI on the 08 400 So I got to looking some more and I saw that there was a 450 that was a limited addition that year which had that braking system so I ordered one of those.
      Once I downloaded that one I could see there were more things that were different so I'm back to square one. Then I decided to try and find the serial no, which I probably should have done to start with but you know how it is. The guy I got it from said he didn't use it but a couple times to pull deer out of the woods but where he was at there was some of the worst mud I have ever seen......Oh did I mention that he said he never did anything to it but put gas in it, that I truly believe. I took it out side and started to get the mud off so I could find the serial number. Three hours later of scraping, brushing and finally pressure washing the frame I could see paint. The number wasn't where I was told it would be and another hour gone with a magnafying glass I finally found the number. It was close to where it was supposed to be but I couldn't see it. I finally took a tooth brush and rubbed the area and finally I found it. 
      Did I mention that before that a nice guy over on another site told me it might be a 500 because they did have a 500 FI in 08 so I got one of those too but it too was off a little. Well I wrote the number down an went in to do a search and the first one came up serial not found. The next one the same thing so back out to look again and what I looked at was right so back to the house to try again. The third check came back a 2011 500 x something. I tried several more search sites and they all came up with the same thing. Now the next thing that I'm wondering and probably worries me the most........How in the hell could someone rebuild an engine that was supposed to be a 400 when it's actually a 500.
      I checked the air filter and that was one of the first things that I found strange. The 400's had a front mounted foam filter and this one was top mounted. When I finally found it it looked to me that it had never been cleaned lor replaced I guess everybody was looking for a foam filter and never looked in the filter box on top. I ordered a K&N filter but that thing don't seem to fit right. when the filter screw is all the way tight there is a small gap at the top and the filter can be moved side to side and you can grab it on top and the whole thing will turn. Let's see three service manuals and a $60..00 air filter and I still don't have anything, what have I done?
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    • By Chris41586
      New bonehead here figuring out the trails! Just got a 2008 Suzuki Z400, and the guy said he just did an oil change, but needs a little more because he was letting it cycle through before topping it off. He says he used ATV Power SAE 5W-40 Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, but the manual just says use 10W-40. He lives a couple hours away, where it's a little bit colder, so I'm assuming that's why he used 5W instead of 10W? Anyways, I only need a little bit more oil, and since it's already new in there, can I put the 10W in and let it mix? Also, does the brand being the same matter at all? I haven't gone out and looked in person yet, but actual ATV oil seems a bit expensive compared to just getting some standard oil at AutoZone, and the online manual I found isn't that clear on options. I'd appreciate some feedback and experience in this area, as well as the best place to get oil and filters when it's time. Thanks in advance!
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