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Help on a "yamaha 350" wiring.

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I posted a bigbear pdf of the wiring diagram and it has the right colours, or the same colours without stripes.. It shows which pin on the cdi goes where so you can wire it to suit that I think.

The different models have at least three different stator winding systems that I know of, and all three types come with different wire colours, plugs, and internal connections. If your wires and plugs match, it's likely that you will have comparable stator and cdi.

The pdf also has the stator resistance readings.

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48 minutes ago, Gwbarm said:

The biggest problem there is, if this is a wiring harness is for the Big Bear 400 there is no aftermarket CDI available, ask me how i know. It is still very doable, you just might have to do what the guy on the video did. The other option is find the right harness for the warrior, from Mechs reasearch, it doesnt sound like you got a harness for a warrior. Study the  warriors harness so you will know what it looks like if you go that route. I dont see how you can figure out how to wire the CDI you bought unless there is a schematic as to how it is wired internally. Mech might have more options right now thats all i can think of.

Well thats about shitty haha. Wonder why this stuff is being sold as warrior parts then. Makes no sense. Appreciate your input.

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So.. I noticed the BB diagram I'd posted had the wrong plugs.. Dunno what happened there.

After much searching I've found several BB diagrams with  the right six and eight pin plugs. Wrong coloured wires, and that #16 off to the right of the cdi, it's a speed sensor ! Bet yours hasn't got that. Anyway. Have a look and see if the wiring seems like any of these. I've included one complete wiring diagram so you can see what all the other bits are. The brake and front/park brake wires going to #10 and #12 aren't really needed as long as you have the neutral switch connected. #10 and #12 allow it to start in gear as long as a brake is on. The bits highlighted in white are the essential bits for it to run and kill.

00-05bigbear-kodiak400.pdf FWAM.pdf 00-05bigbear-kodiak400-full diagram.pdf

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It seems the warrior cdi, with pigtails, has a lot different stator windings than the Bigbear with the plugged cdi.. Different design and different resistances.

Better check what the stator's cdi charge windings and cdi pulse.trigger windings are..

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6 hours ago, Mech said:

It seems the warrior cdi, with pigtails, has a lot different stator windings than the Bigbear with the plugged cdi.. Different design and different resistances.

Better check what the stator's cdi charge windings and cdi pulse.trigger windings are..

Could you elaborate? How would I go about that. Like from a picture?

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1 hour ago, Gwbarm said:

Try to figure out what year the engine is, I saw a wiring harness with pigtails on eBay it is for a 90-95 warrior they also had the pig tail CDI that goes with it . So I’m thinking your engine is somewhere in that range

Probably was in that range originally. I have no idea though, as one half of the case is the one from the buggy that i bought. The other came from a kid I traded a 3ds to he had a warrior that threw a rod bearing, but i just needed the top end and the case half with the oil drain as that had been mangled. Internals were from whichever looked better, but they were all the same. The stator was purchased on ebay and said that same 97-01 in the listing. The plugs match what are on the harness.

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Yes that makes sence,  if the stator is from a newer warrior, as far as i can tell the newer ones did have an 8 and 6 pin CDI connector. I tryed looking up the newer warrior OEM part but it only showed a CDI at an angle that you couldnt see the pin configuration. I revisited your ebay purchase and it does seem right for the 97-2001 warrior, didnt see a link for the harness you bought but if it plugs in it may be compatable. I dont see warriors very much, but it appears the later years went to the 8 and 6 pin configuration just like the big bear 400, i have never seen a 350 with that confuguration. Just reviewing everything I would have bought exactly what you bought thinking it might work. Working on a project like this there are so many variables to over come, i love it, its like putting a puzzel together, may not be worth the time and effort you spent but when you are finished it works, and you are proud of your accomplishment.     

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To check the resistance readings you use an multimeter on the ohms setting. You just set the gauge to the right ohms range then put the two gauge leads to the two wires on each plug and note what the gauge says.

Those last pdf say the kodiak did have that eight/six plug setup.. And if the advertisers of the cdi say it fits warrior and kodiak of similar years, then perhaps it will work.

All the warrior diagrams I've seen have said they had pigtails, but that might be because they were for the American market. It could be that some other country used the cdi you have, or perhaps it's only the CA models.. The parts books say it's only the CA that has that cdi. 

I wouldn't recommend rushing off buying more parts yet. I'd figure what stator was in that bike first. There are two obviously different stators, one model has a series of windings all the same size, and another model has several all the same size and one big winding. Do you remember, or do you have an old one you can show us ? If you don't have a multimeter you should get one, and check the resistance readings. I'd recommend you buy an analog gauge, that's one with a needle. They are getting harder to find but they are more useful for checking pulse/trigger windings, and plenty accurate enough for bike work. Cheap analogue gauges here in N.Z are sometimes as little as $10 N.Z.

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