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My Banshee Facelift (powdercoating, +2+1 a-arms, +4 axle, and paddles)


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I bought my banshee a little over a year ago and love it, but it just needed a facelift... so im adding some burgard +2+1 a-arms, a +4 axle, stainless brake lines, a new set of 21x12x8 8pdl hauler paddles, and some powder coating...

i just got my new +4 axle the other day and decided to put it in... I had my buddy josh powder coat my carrier as well as my brake and sprocket hubs before i put it all together... My a-arms should be here next week but ill have to wait till i get back from my trip to Little Sahara OK to put them on... This winter im tearing it all apart and having josh coat my frame, swing arm, and a bunch of other stuff to round out this project...

here are some pics of my axle installed and my new coating...








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  • 4 months later...

Well i finally took some time off of working on my rock buggy and decided to work on my banshee... I stripped off the crappy looking factory coating off my +2+1 arms and my buddy josh coated the black...they turned out awesome... I ordered a reamer tool to ream my spindles... ill have it in a couple weeks so ill be posting some installed pics in a few weaks... here are a couple teasers...

the arms are Burgard Cycle 4130 chromoly +2+1 arms



nice quality tig welded


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I love the powder coating. I working on getting my son's Blaster going. I am going to tear it down this weekend and see how much damage is done. There are deals out there. I wish I had a little more money right now to take advantage of some of them. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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while im waiting on the tool to put my arms on i decided i needed some *BLING* haha :wink: I bought a duncan front bumper and an aluminum water pump cover... I also replaced my bent rear rotor that i bent on a tree root the last time i was at the dunes... I also got the paint stripper and polish out and did some polishing on my throttle cover... Before riding season i want to polish my whole throttle assembly and both front and rear master cylinders and just clean all my wiring and hoses up around the motor...





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  • 4 weeks later...

Well im still waiting on burgard to send me my tool so i can install my arms but i decided to order some more parts...

One of my buddys has built a practice MX track and jumping with a +6 swinger isnt all that much fun... i got a stock swinger off ebay and i think im going to cut it down to a -1 or -1.5 to give better handling and jumping... i also ordered a set of kenda mx klaw's in 18 rears and 20 fronts... Ill use this set up most of the time but ill throw my +6 and paddles on when i hit the dunes... hopefully i should get everthing this week...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well i finally got my reamer tool to ream my spindles so here is the current sataus of my bike...

im going to be going to the Little Sahara dunes for spring break so im going to leave my +6 swinger on until i get back... Ill have my +2 a-arms on by our dune trip...



and my new tires not yet mounted up and my new stock swinger ready to go to my buddy josh's for powder coat...


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Well i finally got my +2 arms and brake lines installed... i took it for a ride and even with stock shocks this thing handles awesome... I not going to get in a hurry about buying shocks now if i even get them... Getting tested spring break at the dunes...



New dual brake lines... I liked these better than the ones with the T in the middle...


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