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Snorkel done

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yeah i need to run my breather lines for the diffs and the crank case still. Die electric? Add the grease?

ive got this anti corrosion spray im going to use. Its pretty much just like WD-40, but it does no go away/fade off.

Im not going to rejet for awhile.

It runs great, i havent noticed any problems.

Still pulls the front wheels off the ground.

I'll look into jetting it when i get a pipe, air filter and a power commander ready to be installed.

Im going to paint the snorkel black.

that will probably get done when i get my breather lines ran

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Its getting closer to becoming 100% trail ready.

Im pretty sure i toasted the heck out of my winch.

I'll dig into that mess sometime this week.

But my highest priority right now is to finish up my snorkel

next will be to die electric every electrical plug/ connection.

my winch, it re spools. but it has no torque at all.

As soon as the line gets tight. it just spins and spins.

I havent checked the "Spool- Free Spool" switch on the end.

Hopefully its not locked all the way.

but im really not sure.

i tried using it earlier this after noon when i was stuck deep in

a bottomless mud hole... Pretty sure i cooked er' though.

time for a 4k or 4500

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bike is in my garage, i also have a car in there im working on.

I attached my winch line to the left front wheel of it, only thing i had

around that was solid and stayed put.

Started reelin in the winch line. Not a single problem.

It drug my bike across the garage floor with all 4 tires locked up.

Im not sure. But its one of those cheapie 2500lb winches.

I guess Warn use to own/make them.

im not sure what its deal is.

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bike is in my garage, i also have a car in there im working on.

I attached my winch line to the left front wheel of it, only thing i had

around that was solid and stayed put.

Started reelin in the winch line. Not a single problem.

It drug my bike across the garage floor with all 4 tires locked up.

Im not sure. But its one of those cheapie 2500lb winches.

I guess Warn use to own/make them.

im not sure what its deal is.

So wat problems u having is the winch just not having torque or its not lock so the spool can wind up the cable?

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When i was stuck up to the top of my tires in the muckiest mud ever.

I went to winch out and the winch began to pull me and then stopped.

it was working, but it was reeling in any line.

Sounded like something in the winch was slipping or grinding.

Maybe my cable is slipping around the drum.

Im not sure how the cable is attached to the drum.

But lastnight i i pulled the bike across the garage floor by the winch and it acted fine.

Progress tonight-

got all my breather lines ran.

I was told there was 2 vent son the front diff.

i could only find 1. so im waiting to hear back from this guy i chat with.

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I'll take some new pics.

i've got a 3" lift coming

a 2" power tip coming

Im wanting to build a stereo for it

I need to put a set of hand guards on it

I could use a new set of grips

a set of bar ends also.

Bigger winch

HMF pipe and K&N filter

Jet kit

need an ammo box or something similar

in size for my rear rack to keep my toe strap in.

thats about it..

im not 100% sure if im going to install the lift kit.

I may end up selling it and end up buying a 1-2" lift kit.

Im just a trail rider. Im not into those 100ft long mud pits or anything.

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im aware of the issues i may encounter.

the extra wear and tear on the cv axles, along with the ball joints.

yeah yeah, i know.

Im not 100% sure that im going ot keep the 3" lift.

i may buy a 1-2" lift.

It is installed though.

Along with the 2" exhaust tip.

The winch, 4500lbs is alot.

but my 2500lb winch let me down this past weekend.

and thats was not cool at all.

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yea their is a guy on the highlifter forums that makes lift kits with axle spacer he is really friendly... and very well built lifts... from wat i heard he will help u through every little problem.. u would still have the same problem with 2" lift.. wat kind of lift did u get anyway?? and they sell 1" lifts??

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I really need to make a new thread.

but here are some new pics

Left front measurement with no lift-


right front with lift-



Some nasty angles here.


Check this out!


So you see my CV axle angles.

Im thinking about pulling the 3" from the year and installing the 1-2" brackets in the rear.

No, i dont know of any 1" lifts.

the lift i went with is the one floating around on ebay.

a number of rincon guys suggested it.

So i took there advice, with not much to lose.

Well the same guy that sells the 3" kit, also sell's a

1-2" kit. thats not 1 and 2 inch, that 1 to 2 inch.


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