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2003 Suzuki Ltz400 stalling problem

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So my 03 LTZ 400 isnt running rite. Starts fine idles fine, but as soon as you shake it a little bit it shuts rite off. If you break hard it shuts rite off. And unless you give it constaint gas while in gear it will just keep stalling, even down hill in the trails.

ANY IDEAS!!!??????

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hey im new here i have a 2003 kfx 400 that has the same problem my bike is completely stock i cleaned the carb i still havent found the prob was wondering if you found anything new on this...i dont think this is a elec prob it sounds like its running out of fuel or to much i checked the float and its working fine no overflowing of the carb it just stalls you can let the bike idle and shake it a litle and it starts to stall if anyone can help it would be great

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hey i found the prob with my kfx400 and its stalling prob when you shake it it is the seat on the float its $43 bucks at the dealer its prob the same prob with the ltz400

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* Added year and manufacturer to this thread title.

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it sounds like the carbi is dirty or has some water in it.

but also could be a broken wire that is getting moved while shacking or braking.

what have you found so far?

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