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2003 Polaris Predator 500 rear wheel hub???


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Checked for you, the hub is different, but he axle is the same. This tells me that the hub will fit, but there may be something different about it, could be a different bolt pattern since the wheels are different also. Could also be that the different hubs result in a different track width. Given that, you could probably use the hubs from the '05, but you might need to swap both sides to keep things the same. Check the bolt patterns too.

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The 2003 Axle and Hub are unique to this year 4/156 bolt pattern, and 24 spline axle set to a mid metric. Unfortunately for you, there is only one option at this point for hubs, stock. 99% of the predator riders convert to the 2004 model which used the 23spline axle and 4/110 hubs. You can purchase an entire axle, hub, swinger assembly from ebay pretty cheap, I see them on average for 100.00 for the entire assembly. As a 4 machine 2003 Predator Owner/Racer, I do know this 4/156 combo bites for hubs, but like any hub, you will have to replace them. The trick is to make sure they are tightened properly before riding the first time, or you will cause the infamous "wobble". Bike Bandit carries these hubs new for 117.00, and you can find stock hubs new for around 110.00 if you look.

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