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mint 01 warrior or 04 ltz400 rode hard by 18 year old kid???????????

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im buying a new quad this weekend i have it down to two of them i got them at the same price ($1500) which is good either way but i don't know which is better for me i do mostly trail riding but also like to go fast on a good strait away i just sold my 300ex so that's what im used too but its time to upgrade the warrior is a 01 in mint cond. adult owned very clean and a hour closer to me its stock except the lights and rims and tires it also comes with stock. the ltz is a 04 has been beating on by a 18 year old but its in good cond. it could use new front tires it has new bearings in the rear and a lonstare rear axle other than that its stock what sounds like a better deal which is a better all around quad also what should i look for when i see them in person???? i put the pics of them in the post. i don't want to get something im gonna have to put a lot of $$$$ into i want something to last also a good suspension any help will be appreciated





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I guess that depends on what is most important to you, reliability, or performance. Since it sounds like the Warrior has been babied more and has a more mild engine, it is likely to be a bit more reliable. The LTZ will kick the Warrior's as* in every aspect of performance. If it were me, I would go with the LTZ, because I am a power junkie, but the Warrior may be the more sensible choice. Both sound like a good deal.

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I would go with the Z400 they are a very good machine and reliable, the 04 model still had the front shocks without the reservoir the newer models have better suspension, When you go to look at this i would check the frame if it has been rode hard enough and jumped a lot it is very possible there are some cracks starting, look by the upper and lower shock mounts and also under the seat by the cross bar that mounts to the top of the motor if you find nothing i would say take it home!!

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i would go with the warrior ... i have had both and the warrior is the true work horse and will last for many more years that the Z .. the Z has 2 cams and have alot of ware on cam chain and other top end parts compaired to the warriorr .... GO WARRIOR ....

Depends what you want out of it !! Z400 is way faster that the warrior ! But the warrior is one tough quad but again slower !!

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