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QUADCRAZY Most Comments Contest - 2011

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From June through August, the member with the most comments posted each month, will win one of every prize below! New prizes may also be added during the contest period by supporting sponsors! You must have at least 30 comments for that month, to win. Please click on the sponsors below for more info on the prizes.

ATV World Magazine Subscription

$25 Motorcycle Superstore Gift Card

4 Wheel Parts $25 Gift Card

1 Gallon QuadBoss Tire Sealant $53.95 MSRP

RZR Mask $29.95 MSRP

GearUp2Go $25 Gift Card - NEW For JULY & AUGUST!

* More Sponsors May Be Added During The Contest!

By the end of each month, everyone on the 'MOST COMMENTS" lists here, will receive 5 QUADCRAZY Stickers! It's easy to win, just write a comment to a fellow member on their page, picture, video, or blog. There are over 5,000 members, 4000 pictures, and 400 videos alone, that you can drop a comment on to win! Good Luck!

* Comments that are not original and considered spam will be removed, bringing your total down. Winning comments will be reviewed and re-calculated if needed, so post wisely!

We are counting comments for the following areas only:

1. Member Profile Page Comments/Guestbook Sections

2. Picture Comments under our Picture Section

3. Video Comments under our Video Section

4. Blog Comments under our Blog Section



You can can post your contest questions in this thread. We will update this thread with contest news. Good Luck!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here are the current standings. With a little over a week left to go, there is plenty of time to get in the game this month!

1. wylde1 203

2. Ajmboy 149

3. Tagels 82

4. quadnut20 79

5. BioWare 34

6. DirtDemon 33

7. predrider305 31

8. Foolio 30

9. quadmaniac 28

10. Gunny 25

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  • 2 weeks later...

June is now over! Congratulations to wylde1! Everyone who made the list for June qualifies for 5 QUADCRAZY stickers! Please PM me your full name and address. Below are the results:

1. wylde1 266

2. Ajmboy 186

3. quadnut20 105

4. Tagels 83

5. BioWare 46

6. DirtDemon 43

7. quadmaniac 38

8. predrider305 32

9. Foolio 31

10. Stoopidbot1 27

Today starts July and a new start to the contest!

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Here is the mid month update (a little over 2 weeks left):


1. hvy_chevy_one 118

2. Ajmboy 117

3. quadnut20 58

4. wylde1 33

5. Tagels 32

6. BioWare 19

7. predrider305 18

8. WillyPoP 15

9. slickerthanyou 13

10. GEARHEAD01 12

I would like to remind everyone the ease of participating in this contest and quote something AJMBOY said last time we ran this type of contest, which is still true...

I find that there are 2 realy easy way to posts comments and figured I would share what I do. Please share what you do also...ideas, etc.

1. Photo Gallery...comment, then hit next image link under the link. Take this image for example: 2010 Picture » QUADCRAZY ATV Community once the comment places, just hit the next image.

2. Go to the Birthday page and say Happy Birthday to people: Upcoming Birthdays » QUADCRAZY ATV Community Click on their profiles and comment on their pages, then just copy and paste the birthday link in the browser to go back to that main page and go to the next member. Or from the home page at the bottom.

Some people may think it's a pain in the as*..but it's freakin easy and actually fun, because some people reply back to you...

I figured there would be much more participants. Maybe now in July, there will be some sleepers!!!

You can do the same in our VIDEOS section as with the PICTURES, drop some comments.

In addition to that, every post in the forum you make counts!

You could also check the New Members section, click on their pages, and welcome them with a comment. Go to the MEMBERS menu button drop down, then New Members.

This contest is a community interaction contest. We have the most prizes ever, so don't pass this up...anyone can get in the competition rather easily, by just interacting. the counts increase pretty fast once you get going! :yes:

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it just guys going through the librays of vids and pics leaving a comment on every one...pretty lame

The contest is designed to increase member participation and reward the highest monthly activity.

Every time you leave a comment on a photo, video, member page, blog, or post in the forum, the owner of that media or thread receives a notice that you left a comment.

Hence, the interaction begins. This contest is purely a community interaction/activity level contest...and the prizes are not too shabby either. If you have ever participated in the 3 years we have been running contests, you would see that the monthly prizes exceed anything we have done before.

It's pretty easy to participate also, I'm sure those in the running will agree.

Thank you to everyone for your participation.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It is easy just to go through the pics and vids and just leave comments to win, but if you actually look at them you will learn something about your fellow members, learn about ATV'ing in different areas, hell even different countries and be offered an opportunity to interact with people who you share something in common with. You get a prize whether you win the contest or not.

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I agree! 2 easy ways that I increase my count (besides posting in the forum) is:

Welcome new members with a comment: ATV Rider Search » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

Wish happy birthdays with a comment: Upcoming Birthdays » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

I click on the members and add a quick comment.

Then you have all the pictures and videos...so there are so many ways to get your count up.

I just took the lead in 10 minutes of commenting! :cute:

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Congratulations to hvy_chevy_one on winning July's Contest!!!

Below are the final July scores:

1. hvy_chevy_one 251

2. Ajmboy 213

3. quadnut20 148

4. pete59edsel 136

5. Tagels 85

6. hangingon 70

7. rappy97 62

8. wylde1 47

9. BioWare 46

10. DirtDemon 30

Everyone who made the list can receive 5 QUADCRAZY Stickers, just PM me your name and address. :biggrin:

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