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  1. slickerthanyou

    2013 crf230 carb

    figure it out, uses keihin style 357 jets
  2. slickerthanyou

    2013 crf230 carb

    Any one know what brand carb is on this bike? A friend of a friend wants me to help him rip carb apart rebuild and rejet with a slip on pipe, he asked me what he should buy, i have no idea. I googled but came up empty. even local motorsports place can't help me weird. 2013 honda crf230
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  4. slickerthanyou

    wheel spacers or?

    The only experience in flipping the wheels I have had was on a blaster both 88-02 ans 03-06. I can tell you from my experience, I couldn't do it on the 03-06 as it was front hydro disks and the stem contacted the caliper. The do make flush valve stems get them on Ebay Flush Mount Valve Stems Set of 4 Wheel Valves Chrome | eBay I have not tried these but know a few who said they worked flawlessly. On the 88-02 they flipped no problem and gave me 2" on each side which helped a lot! On the down side they tracked like crap, made steering harder, turning worse. On the blaster there is no camber/caster adjustment just toe in or out so it was a sacrifice to flip and save the money - extended arms with adjustments, which was over $400 out of my budget. I just dealt or (re learned how to steer) with the flipped rims and left it like that. Only other possible issue I would for see with flipping is if you run a directional tire. Now I run 2.5" wheel spacers (the screw on type) on the 03 blaster, and that has served me well, I am 225lbs and 6 tall, I dont jump 20 footers anymore but i am also no easy on it it get beaten over boulders and stumps and have had zero failures, I only have them on the front i have a extended axle for the rear. With this said, I am not sure how zuks front set up is. Just wanted to give you my feedback to think about!
  5. slickerthanyou

    03 Predator 500 bucks

    Sounds as if there is still some funk in the carb to me. Id give it a complete tear down, cleaned and put it back together unless that is what you did, only other thing I can think of is a very dirty air cleaner.
  6. slickerthanyou

    Magneto wheel on yamaha blaster locking up

    The idle screw is located on the big silver box on top of the carb called the (TORS assembly), you can get to it by removing the seat. If that isnt the one you are referring to see the diagram in this link you should be able to order just about any piece there! Just click the drop down box and click on carb OEM Parts and OEM Motorcycle Parts for Dirt Bikes, ATVs and UTVs | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
  7. slickerthanyou

    Magneto wheel on yamaha blaster locking up

    HI Nate! A few things to check, 1. When you put the new flywheel on did you reinstall the woodruff key on the shaft its a little half moon shaped thing that goes on the cut out on the crank shaft its tricky to get on correctly? 2. If you removed the stator which is underneath the flywheel, and replaced the Phillips screws with allen heads, you may have to shave them down as I have seen a few heads too long and it get hung up. 3. make sure that all the coils on the stator are tight if a screw backed out it will allow a coil to move and it doesn't take much to hit the magnets. 4. Lastly with the flywheel off , give it a couple easy kicks and see if its binding with out the flywheel if so could be a bad rod bearing, or a ring snagging a port and not the flywheel at all or a few other things over in the tranny area. Report back what ya find if anything, making a short vid or a couple pics can sometimes help to solve an issue!
  8. slickerthanyou

    2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker - Bad Pickup Coil

    I have had no luck with Ricky stator products and also know quite a few others with bad out of the box stuff. I would steer clear of that brand. I can tell you I have great luck with just replacing a pickup, source or lighting coil. I use ricksmotorsports.com for my electrical needs and have never had an issue with a bad part. If you feel comfortable with working with Electrical stuff I say do it.
  9. slickerthanyou

    who uses wheel spacers on the atv?

    I have them on my daughters rappy and my Blaster, cheap, good alternative for us who cant afford extened arms. I used the ones that screw onto the stock lugs. Had them for six years with no issues, I dont jump 20 footers but I dont baby them either. 3" ATV Wheel Spacers Tracker Breeze Warrior Blaster | eBay
  10. slickerthanyou

    Longevity MIG welder

    Those look nice and for sure way cheaper than Miller or Lincoln. I got a great deal on my setup also, as the school I went to let me order through them, saved me over $600. Let us know how it holds up! Be a great alternative!
  11. slickerthanyou

    Boobie Traps on Trails !

    Whoa, one thing to be against riding another thing to put a trap that could badly hurt or kill a person. Be careful!
  12. slickerthanyou

    Longevity MIG welder

    I have had the Miller DVI2 for about 7 years no issues at all. I"ve welded carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum all with no problems, I like the fact that I can use 110 or 220 just by changing the plug which is a simple twist lock. I use straight argon for everything. Cost a little more however I am not using it everyday either a bottle lasts me about 6 months or five 2lb spools, it also will take the larger spools too which I bought this last time. This goes for any MIG set ups but I always blow my liners out after every spool I haven't had to replace them yet. Just simple maintenance keep the equipment running top shape!
  13. slickerthanyou

    and now a word from my sponsor

    It's about 3.5 hours West from frackville. I'm from pittsburgh, so very limited on places and most are not very large. I'll keep ya updated! -Bob
  14. slickerthanyou

    92 Yamaha blaster 200, any and all mods with websites?

    No problem, you get some port work, pipe larger carb, you'll be passing those 400's up in the trails!