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2008 Suzuki King Quad 750 axi steering problem

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I have a 2008 Suzuki King Quad 750 axi. I have a problem with the machine over steering. I purchased it used, it had hit a tree and was rolled. Everything is now back in place and there does not seem to be any damage left. But the machine is incredibly hard to handle as any minor movement in the steering results in major over steering. The steering also has a very light feel, meaning it takes very little effort to turn. Making one hand driving almost impossible.

Does anyone know if this is a common symptom of a crash that involved a front wheel damage? Is there an adjustment on the steering that could help resolve this issue?

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Just like in a car, if the wheel alignment is way off, it could make it more difficult to steer. Is the front end loose at all?

* Added manufacturer to thread title. Removed duplicate thread on this issue.

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Agreed, check the tie rod ends, wheel bearings and ball joints for any play and check the wheel alignment. If the wheels are toed out too much, it can cause problems similar to what you are describing. A tie rod adjustment will usually fix that, as long as there is no slop in the joints or wheel bearings.

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I have this same PROBLEM! I have a family member that just rolled it because of the over steering at a low speed because it just takes off on you and you have to muscle it back into place. the steering is crazy easy and makes riding with one hand just a after thought.  I need to find out what causes this. They did end up in the hospital with stiches and laid up for 2 weeks over it. Im a bike mechanic and cant find the problem. everything is tight and straight! I even put new rims and tires on it.  Anyone have anymore IDEAS?????????


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I did some searching on this and it turns out a lot of people  have  similar  problems  with the King  Quads  from  2008 up to  at least  2014..  Consensus is it  is a caster problem that there  are  expensive  after  market A  arms available  to  fix. Suzuki   refuses to  admit  there  is a problem with them.

One    far  less expensive solution suggested is to  add a steering  stabilizer.  Some  have  and said it  helped considerably, but didn't entirely  eliminate  the over-light  steering.

I  would suggest  to  all Suzuki  owners with the  problem  to  deluge them  with  complaints.  Maybe  those who  have been  injured  because  of the  hairy  steering could  wake  Suzuki up  with   a  lawsuit because it seems to be  a  pretty common  complaint  that    aftermarket  knows   about  and offers  solutions  Suzuki  should  offer themselves.

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