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Lots of Snow In them Thar Hills

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Did a little ride today .... took the same route I did last week & the snow drift that was blocking the road had melted enough a guy could get by. :drivingc:

There's lots of snow up high & I didn't know if I was gonna be able to make the loop ... but I was able to get thru or around all the drifts & downed trees ..... 64 miles today ... and WHAT A BLAST !!! :cheer:

And I'm not sure .... but I think there was more skeeters today than there was last week ... HOLY MOLY !!! :willy_nillyc:

There was a freak'in 4-seater Polaris SXS in front of me some place (I saw him at my lunch break) & he really tore this one drift up .... and it was raining too, so that didn't help ..... but my right rear tire just plowed into the drift instead of going over .... SO I GOT TO USE MY WINCH !!! :coolgleamAc:

Here's some photo's of todays fun time .... and I'm head'in out again Thursday ... man, being retired is tough !!! :seeyac:









Look at them purdy skid plate !! :woot:



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retired and living the good life...man, i can't wait! cheers!

RIGHT ARM DUDE !!!!! ... :iagreec:

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Looks like you had a good ride

OH YEAH !!! :cheer: went again today ... so watch for more photo's & a vid or two in a couple days !! :cheers2c:

Gunny great pics !:yes:Whats the elevation there ?:flammable:

THANKS Quadnut Guy !! :bow: ... the elevation on this ride runs from about 6500 ft to 9100 ft ... maybe a little higher .... :woot:

Awesome pics.. surprisingly I don't miss the snow to much haha

THANKS Hvy Chevy Guy !! :bow2: ... Oh, well, I can't wait for it to snow again !! :partyc:

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Great photos! I wish I had more time to get away and do more riding. I look forward to your vids, they are great! :yes:

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Great photos! I wish I had more time to get away and do more riding. I look forward to your vids, they are great! :yes:

THANKS Ajmboy !! :bow2: .... and Heck .... I is retired & wish I had more time to get away ... :woot: ..... And THANKS again ... :bow:

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awesome pics and stories keep em coming.

:bow: ... :bow2: ... :bow:


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