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Hi Ox noob on here

Question & request - buddy has a 1995 Big Bear 350 2 x 4 chassis num # 4UH 017286 1995 # I have the YFM 4 x 4 manual & wondered if they did one for the 2 wheel drive as it runs like a cripple dog, tried carb settings for 4 x 4 but no joy.



all i have is the 4x4 on page 1 of this thread, post #3. i know the carbs are a real pain to get right, i had to do mine about 8 or 9 times before it was right. not sure if the specs would differ that much ...

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Appreciate your reply, that was my thoughts also but may need to try messing with needle height & Pilot jat a bit more, unfortunately I am not the firsy person to look at the machine so will have to strip carb myself & check all gaskets & diaphram etc yhen take it from there, forgot to mention this is a Euro model also so could be different specs due to temps & altitude here etc.

One other point would the carb being out of adjustment cause occassional backfiring when trying to rev engine or is it possibly Ignition related ?

Grateful for all comments though

Cheers....... Fishy

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