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2011 Raptor 350 wn't run with petcock in "ON" position, only in "Res" position.

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My Girlfriend rolled her 2 week old 2011 Raptor 350 coming back from Spooner pass in Lake Tahoe. It rolled with her twice then flipped over a log and landed upside down about 25 yards downhill on rougly 60% grade. It took 2 hours and the help of other riders who stopped to help. On the way home it started to cut out. I discovered it would run with the petcock in the "Res" position. Then it stopped running altogether. I discovered the air intake box full of oil. Cleaned that up, sprayed a little starter fluid in, it tried to start but, wouldn't. Drained execess fuel from carb. sat for a day. Charged battery then fired right up. Spittin and cracklin and back firing. Then smoothed out until I put petcock into "On" position. I haven't owned a bike since the 80's. So learning all over again. Anyone have a suggestion for a fix or what to look for.

p.s. Girlfriend ok. More damage to pride than self. Thank God! Could have turned out really bad.

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Check the vaccum line going to the petcock for blockages. The line and /or petcock might have gotten oil in them too. That's where I'd start looking first. Does the petcock look like it might have gotten damaged?

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