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2006 Arctic Cat 500 tbx - Electrical Problems

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I can't get my artic cat to start, replaced solenoid & starter and the solenoid just clicks when you pull the brake handle and push the starter. Any Ideas as to what is wrong


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I have replaced the solenoid and starter and still can't get the atv to start, the solenoid clicks when you press the brake handle and push the starter button any ideas.



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First I would verify that power is reaching the starter, take a screwdriver and touch both larger terminals of the starter solenoid being very careful not to let it touch any metal on the quad. This will bypass it. If you still get nothing then you need a meter to verify that you have 12 volts on one side of the solenoid, then when you press the starter button, it should show on the other side. If that checks out, then there could be a broken wire between that and the starter itself. I would also verify the ground side of the starter is also securely connected as well. If you do notice a drop in voltage (say under 10 volts) when you press the starter button, that means the battery is too weak to turn it over. You can use a vehicle to jump start the quad but ABSOLUTELY do not have the vehicle running when you do this. The output from a vehicle's alternator will fry the battery in the quad.

If you show no voltage at the solenoid at all, then you need to check the thicker cable from it back to the battery.


PTDC0008 (Small).JPG


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