NEW 2008 Raptor 250

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2008 Raptor 250


Key Features:

Lightest production sport ATV ever—for amazingly nimble handling and a great power-to-weight ratio.

Aggressive Raptor style and stance for maximum performance and excellent, all-day sport-riding ergonomics.

Class-exclusive five-speed manual transmission has a gear for almost any terrain.

Torquey, durable air-cooled engine puts out plenty of power and starts with the push of a button.

Low-profile 19-inch rear tires for outstanding traction and handling.

Longest suspension travel and lowest seat in its class for true sport handling.


Light and powerful 249cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke single produces a broad, deep powerband.

Five-speed gearbox with manual clutch provides the flexibility to tackle pretty much any track or trail.

29mm Mikuni carburetor provides light throttle pull and excellent throttle response across the entire rpm range.

Electric starting is standard equipment and works in any gear.

DC-CDI ignition system delivers consistent spark at all rpm levels—for quick throttle response and a smooth, broad powerband.

Ceramic composite cylinder liner for greatly reduced wear and excellent heat dissipation.

Oil cooler keeps engine temps down and lubrication up in hot conditions.

New-design airbox features no-tools air filter access.

New-design three-chamber muffler is light, quiet and boosts low and midrange performance.


Light, strong, short-wheelbase chassis creates a quick, super-responsive high-performance package.

Low, 28.7-inch seat height enhances rider comfort and allows optimal rider movement.

Independent double-wishbone front suspension with five-way preload-adjustable shocks gives 7.5 inches of wheel travel.

Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight for excellent suspension performance, acceleration, deceleration and handling.

Triple hydraulic disc brakes deliver excellent stopping power even in wet conditions.

Extra-wide, YFZ450-style footpegs provide excellent grip and rider comfort.

Easy-to-use, flip-type handlebar-mounted parking brake can be set with one hand.

Rigid and light swingarm rear end is controlled by a shock with adjustable preload and 7.9 inches of wheel travel, for consistent wheel control and rider comfort.

New-design Dunlop tires deliver outstanding traction for razor-sharp handling in a variety of terrain.

Easy-adjust eccentric chain adjustment feature means hassle-free chain maintenance.

Flat, composite skid plates provide maximum underbelly protection.

Rugged steel grab bars front and rear help fend off debris and damage.

Additional Features:

Dual 30-watt multi-reflector Krypton headlights straight off the potent YFZ450 add the perfect menacing appearance. Taillight has an incorporated brake light for added convenience.

Waterproof electrical connectors for outstanding durability and reliability.

Easy-access grease fittings on all chassis lubrication points simplify maintenance and help extend the life of the Raptor 250.

New-design bodywork comes off without the need to disassemble electrical parts, airbox or wiring harness—for easy maintenance.

2.4-gallon fuel tank means less filling up and longer, more enjoyable rides.

2008 Yamaha Raptor 250 Home, information, info

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Should be a great Quad. Also should put a dent in 250 EX and Z250 sales.

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Yeah it looks really sweet. I like the new color scheme.

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The raptor 250 is the fastest 250 out there me and my brother have tested it against other 250's and none of them even come close in a race or riding on the trails we put the 250 raptor up against a 300ex with exhaust and a K&N filter and the 250 raptor stayed right next to it, so yamaha is doin something right

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I was going to get this quad at first but now I am going to get the YFZ450. But it's a great little quad and great looking at the same time.

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