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10 Month ATV Adventure has Began !

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1st. UPDATE:

Hello there!

Well, after 7 years of waiting, 5 years of preparations, we're finally on the road!

After running around like crazy and in the excitement of the moment, we made our first mistake right in our driveway...We simply left a huge duffle bag with all our riding gear (helmets, pants, goggles, riding shirt, all but the boots) sitting right on top of one of the bikes... Thank God, it decided to fall in between the 2 bikes. When we saw it we just had to secure it on the trailer and no harm was done... 7-7-7 is already working for us...

We are now on our way to our starting point in British Columbia, Canada, and besides a blown out tire on the trailer, everything is going smoothly. Of course, the tire size being as odd as they get, it took us 5 hours and countless phone calls to finally find the only one in Winnipeg, if not in Canada...and that was a used one...Very sincere Thanks to Clement Collett of West-end tires for his precious help on that.

Maybe we should have spent as much time preparing our vehicules as we did preparing our quads. Seems just the 2500 miles (4000 kms) drive from our home to B.C. is an adventure in itself...

Well got to go, now... Stick around for more...

Next time, it'll be from Montana...

Marc & France.

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Hey there!

Here we are in beautiful Montana. Border crossing was stressful but successful !!

We,re camped right on lake Koocanusa. For now we,re busy putting our stuff back in order after the race against time of the last months.

Quads can be street legal here so we see them all over town.

Daytime Temps are scorching hot (check out my thermometer reading on Quadtrek.net) but nights are nice and cool with dry air.

Only about 50 miles riding all together yet so, besides running errands, we,ve been relaxing quite a bit.

Basically, we are now living our dream life in a dreamlike environment. Sincerely wish everybody could do it at least once in their life.

Back with more later...

Marc & France.

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QuadTrek UPDATE 07/16/07


We had a short but beautiful ride from Lake Koocanusa to the Big Creek Baldy lookout tower.

There are no trails to talk about up here so we ride highways, byways and forests roads. Is'nt this state incredible? Actually, we found out there was a trail leading from Canada to Rexford Bench (where we were) only after we were there...But, south of here...roads.

Saw a couple good bear scratches on trees on the way to the tower...Gulp!...

We spent a couple of nights atop BCB tower and could'nt believe the scenery, sunsets and all those deers and eagles we saw. Should have some pics for ya real soon. Some of those towers come equipped with all you need. Heating, stove, lamps and all...Everybody should try that at least once in his life, i think. If you'd like to know more, we have a link on our web site Quadtrek.net

Between working on the web site and setting up and taking down camp, time seems to be flying. Hopefully, it won't fly by too fast...

Is'nt it incredible that we are actually doing this ride? Don't you wish you were here...

OK now we're moving south again. Got to ride for 2-3 hours in silt today. Don't know what silt is? Think of baking flour, or, more accuratly, Porter cement. An extremely fine sand dust that refuses to settle down...7 or 8 inches thick of that hot burning stuff (remember, it's been over 100 deg for who knows how long here...). When you look at your tires while you ride, it looks as if you were riding in water. Sorta like the front waves a boat makes. Imagine what it looks like behind ya...Still wish you were here?

Until now, the maps we had were surprisignly accurate...Until now...Of course, it's when you're in that sh... that they become unreliable. Instead of just cutting across from Little Bitterroot Lake to MacGregor Lake, we went the long way around... only to find ourselves at the coolest little bar in town (fact, it was the only bar in town...). If you're into sky diving, head for the Lost Prairie (tha's the real name...) Drop zone, hit the bar there and have some chicken strips, they're great to push all that dust down. Course, a couple of ice cold Buds don't hurt either...

Finally got to MacGregor Lake resort and got busy cleaning out those air filters.

Ho! yes! Almost forgot, they're expecting 105 today...

More later.

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