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take a look at the 'Bighorns'

I have over 5000 miles on mine :wink:

This is with 4500 miles





Desert & Mountain riding plus dried up river beds & washes

and roads as the machine is street legal

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r dunlop tires any good? or ITP TRAC STAR what one r better?

I do not know anything about the ITP's

However the Dunlops I had before the Bighorns only lasted 800 miles !

But in fairness they were not 6ply or radials

If your going to be riding on rocks & hardpack IMO 6ply & radials are the way to go :cool:

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Depending on your Ride but if your riding mostly rocks and such id try to keep as much ground clearance as possible.

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I would stay the same, definately don't go smaller though if you ride on rocky terrain, you won't wan't to loose any clearance, taller tires may make the bike seem a little sluggish, but you would have a higher top speed, also it may be prone to wheelies where the smaller tires would spin. Also for the rocks the more plies the better.

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That totally depends on what the Tires look like......If you are planning on Replacing the Rear...Replace 2....Same with the Front.....If the Fronts are fine and the Rears are bad...Replace the rears and vise versa

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Did you Click the Link and Read???? Is there a Local ATV Shop where you live.....One trip down there and they will be Able to Answer all your Questions in one Shot....And Yes.....If you go 1 size wider you will have no problem:confused: :cool:

Im done with this Thread....I hate to be like that but Sometimes you learn by doing Research yourself....I find I do better that way...I seem to Retain it better than "I think I heard someone say that once"

Good luck to you and your purchase

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its just i want other people things of like do's and donts

By the way what quad do you own???:confused: :confused: :confused: Also sounds like this thread is becoming , like Pete and Repeat, were siting on the fence Pete fell off. Who is left? Repeat.

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