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  2. Ok so it has no power and if you dont hold the throttle past half it will stall any help?
  3. ok i fixed the engine problem
  4. hey could you send me manual for 1985 lt 250 ef
  5. ok i changed oil and oil filter and it is now back into fourth gear it will shift but will not change out of fourth gear? any help?
  6. Hey could you send me a manual for 1985 lt 250 ef
  7. ok do you know of anyone who has a free manual for this atv
  8. So mine is a 4stroke 2 wd do i need atv oil
  9. so you think it is the clutch?
  10. My Dad and me cleaned the carburetor and adjust the lean and rich screw on it and it is doing a lot better but it still is doing it a little bit
  11. Yes the engine revvs but when it is at full throttle it sounds good then it gets doggy then it is fine then doggy
  12. Ok do you know how much they cost? And where do i get them?

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