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  1. My dad bought me a used '01 400EX, maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I've been riding ever since I was little and he just knew I always wanted to know what is like to ride/have a racing type. Ever since, I have rode the hell out of it and during the summer, I'd probably put 4 hours on it Monday-Friday. So, apparently, I like it.
  2. Riding four-wheelers, hunting, wake boarding, modifying my truck, and now welding.
  3. I ride for fun but would love to race if I had the money. If there's a local race, I might go in it but nothing official.
  4. I only got old pictures and now, some things on it are different, such as the nerf bar webbing, grab bar, and I got black shock covers on the front now.Here's my '01 400EX:
  5. Hey yall! A while back, I got a request on myspace from here and I finally went to this website and seems pretty good and I like it so far. I'm from the south west part of Louisiana and 16 years old. I've been riding for a long time and currently ride a '01 400EX. Not too much done to it other than FMF exhaust, WISECO piston, nerf bars, and that's basically it, but love it. I like to ride in anything:mud,sand,trails,grass, etc. and always love to take some jumps. Anyways, here's an old picture:
  6. Some of yall make my picture look like there's wasn't much mud!
  7. Aboout 95% of the time, I'm wearing jeans,shirt, and boots (not MX boots). Rarely, when I go to the dunes or trails or just feel like dressing up all MX, then I'll put on my jersey, pants,and MX boots. And yeah, about 99%, I got my helmet on.
  8. I'm from Louisiana and love riding pretty much anywhere (a pasture, dunes, mud, trails,road,etc.) I currently gotta '01 400EX. I'm 16 right now but been riding ever since I was little...
  9. On Thanksgiving Day here, it was really cold so I didn't ride that day. Actually, didn't get to ride at all since it rained literally all day Saturday and Sunday putting at least a foot of water where I normally ride.
  10. Hey yall! I'm from Louisiana and lived here ever since I was born. I'm only 16 so no kids right now. I started riding whenever I was really little and loved it ever since. I currently ride an '01 400EX and far as my jobs for now, it's babysitting and bush hogging.
  11. I don't have one while riding but here's one after loading up in the truck after riding at a track...

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