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  1. wow.... didnt think this forum was so strict....
  2. i dont really know to tell you the truth i always thought that was the top speed...im canadian so we are in km/h ill let you know in the spring
  3. tahts right ....like i always say. when theres someone on the back ..hold on and shut up!!!
  4. the trails i ride on are pretty good not too many stumps and roots sticking out...the odd bird that i have to hit to take home for dinner ...lol i think i hit like 4 last season...lol and by birds i mean grouse...not crows lol
  5. i believ that...i hit 76mph on a stck 700r...ive modded it a bit with an exhaust intake and fi controller so i just cant wait to see what kind of gain im gonna get....and as for riding that ast on the trails ...you only live once...theres nothing like riding on the edge..im getting older now and feel that i can handle that kind of speed allot easier than i used to,,,
  6. hey hey...you cant compare me to roody at all....im just saying the trails that i ride in im able to open my 700r up to fifth...like 60+mph...
  7. running without a air box lid and not jetting the bike could cause it to run lean ....which would make you backfire out the carb/airfilter.....have you experienced this...my bike did that b4 and when it pops it feels like someone gave you a little tap on your crotch,,,lol
  8. oh i hear ya i do believe taht the ozark is a decent quad when looking at the 250's ...but the performance factor is just not there....if you ever wanted to open it up you wouldnt be going all that fast.. i would have to say that a quad like that would be better suited for a begginer or someone who just wants to putt around....
  9. out f those quads i would go with the warrior/raptor350 for reliability...they have proven themselfs bulletproof...chain driven isnt really all that much upkeep either...just make sure to lube it and you'll be good ..anything smaller than a 350 would be way to small for an adult...
  10. youre totally right... but seeing my age and what not ...i should have gotten the 700 right off the bat....i have owned dirt bikes b4 so i should have known better... but oh well i have what i want now...
  11. agreed...the only difference is the sole of the boot....atv has almost a workboot sole to it as the MX boot has a smooth sole...
  12. seems llike we like the same things...lol
  13. ya thats ok dude...i think i read some threads with that dude they were totally trashing his 350 when he was asking mod questions...i dont really like to pick on peoples rides too much because you never know whether their 10 or 30... a 350 serves its purpose for a younger rider...and ya both our quads look the same but not for long ill post some new pics in one of my albums and let you guys check it out...
  14. here is the link to those ktm video's YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  15. i guess you could call us all addicts haha
  16. just a mis understanding thats all lol... no problem dude...when i do give advice my intentions are totally positive..i dont try to steer anybody the wrong way...i just learn from my mistakes...just me switching from the 350 to the 700 a month later cost me like 2000...thats called a lesson learnt ...i should have bought the 700r right off the bat..
  17. actually no...that pic in my aviator is my pimped out 2006 yamaha raptor 700...and as for taking my own advice thats exactly what i did...i had owned a 2008 350 for about a month when i realized that it wouldnt do what i wanted it I took a loss and went back to the dealership and traded it in my my 700r... and as for getting all kinds of crap in raptor forum...thats incorrect...i never got any crap from nobody.. my user name in raptor forum is 700rappy... what do have to say about that now? lol
  18. i havent the slightest idea what i have done wrong ...i never raised a tone whatsoever... i was just trying to help out ... trailblazer ...now i see where you are coming from you had never told me exactly what kind of situation you were in and now i understand...name the mods you want done and ill hunt them down for you the best i can....i tend to have alot of time on my hands lately ..lol ...buckbilly...sry if i was out of line ...?
  19. oh and just on another note...i dont know how I offended you in my previous post ...i didnt use any vulgur language at all and didnt even have a hint of disrespect...so next time rather than get all worked up about it...talk like a civilized person...and btw...the atvfan comment was totally uncalled for ...i have never had a problem with anybody there and many others can say the same...maybe not you buckbilly ..lol but hey...i think its a great site also as is this one too..
  20. trust me the last thing I wanted to do was come off as a "dick"...im just being realistic here...trying to give you some decent advice like saving your money rather than upgrading your trailblazer....im not telling you to go out and buy a new quad anytime soon ...more like just save your cash for a while then maybe look into getting a 450 or something... I mean your 15 now right....? eventually that trailblazer is gonna get to small for you....i imagine that will happen in the next year or so...with that said say you did upgrade yuor bike ...in a year you feel its too small for you...all the money you just spent would be wasted,,,,,just trying to help you out thats all....
  21. you can actually watch some video's on youtube of pro riders testing out the 450 and the 525 check it out they go into some good details on how they ride and perform..

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