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  2. Horeshoe park in the high Uintahs, Utah
  3. Gotta agree with sunlrider.....du hast by rammstien is a good song to listen to....I drive stock car (track champion) and this is the song i listened to every time before a race...kinda my good luck thing
  4. Well it wasnt a cartoon but fraggle rock was it back in the day...lol
  5. Nice...thanx for the input. Im gonna use my original rims and tires for the back.....let out alot of the air and fit some tracks Ive cut, then air the tires back up....that way it cuts down on the cost and the weight of those bolt on tracks.....although they would be nice.
  6. 2006 kfx400 (itp holeshots,motosport alloys,graphics kit,seat cover,cdi rev box,air box plugs,k&n air filter,aluminum front bumper,warning label covers,dr.d pipe,aluminum gas cap w/breather)
  7. How do you guys like those nerfs? Havent decided yet if i like them or not...seems they would get hung up on rocks or small bushes....
  8. Gonna try a project and need some input....Im going to adapt a set of snowmobile skis to the front of my quad and tracks to the back tires....anyone seen any pics of something like this? I had a magazine once that I got the idea from but havent seen another one since...please post pics if you have any...Thanks.
  9. So im out with a couple families from the neighborhood shootin off fireworks with the kids (before 10pm) and a cop shows up. He gets out and starts askin questions about what kinds we have so I show him....turns out the ones I had were illegal and he takes them. I ask him why he stopped and he tells me some neighbor close by called to complain...and it wasnt the noise!!! Just to be pricks I guess. So anyways the fun was over and all the kids were bummed....glad I only had half the fireworks outside with me....BE WARRY OF YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!
  10. MySpace.com - MUNEY4NUTHIN - 36 - Male - VERNAL, Utah - www.myspace.com/muney4nuthin
  11. Goin down to SAND MOUNTAIN!!!! First trip away with the Quads and first ride in some big dunes!!
  12. Our jetski is a 93 650 yamaha stand-up...its been bored to a 750 though...really fun!! Have to post some pics this summer also. How do you like that seadoo...we have a 93 sitdown also...a 750...fast as hell...we pull people on tubes all the time..just curious as how you like that sitdown
  13. hmmm...Stock car racing (track champ)...playing video games and riding any chance i get. Check out my myspace...MySpace.com - MUNEY4NUTHIN - 36 - Male - VERNAL, Utah - www.myspace.com/muney4nuthin

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