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  2. Just in case it turns out to be the Contactor, Moto Alliance - ATV Viper Winch & Accessories I have their tires. set $145.00 These are cheaper , if they will work with the one you have.
  3. Evenin royjl42 Well, the volts sound right. Your idle sounds a lil high tho. I do believe it should be at 1150. Did you check the web site I sent and seen if you have the 4 or 8 post Contactor? I have noticed on this board when I post a word which is a link, it don't show up to good. On mine ( I get it wet) ((click on the word wet)) I put that electric grease an all my plug in, and there's a lot of em . That helped a lot of my problems. Your chargin system seems to be workin ok and your battery seems good.
  4. Mornin royjl42 Don't know if this will help but it can't hurt to post it any way I reckon. ...click Warn Industries - 2006 Recall And Replacement Notice: Contactor ... And with your quad you can run a diagnostic. test on it, Instead of doin all the book tells you to do just try it this way. Put it in neutral, (if you turn the key on to do this then turn it off and wait 10 seconds before you go on) hold the yellow button in (left handle bar) and turn the key on and off as fast as you can one time, Wait 2 seconds keepin the yellow button in, then turn the key on and wait. First it will give you the version of the software,(you can let the button out now) Then it will give you the volts of your battery. It should read in the 12's. Now start it up and it should read higher volts. Now rev it up to bout 2500 or 3000 RPM's and it should go higher yet. Mine gets to the low 15 when I do that. What we are doin is checkin out your stator and voltage regulator.
  5. Mornin Boys, Don't forget Home Page and Motorcycle / ATV Parts & Accessories
  6. Mornin royjl42 What kind/brand of winch is it? Not sure what model your quad is but does it have a diagnostic mode in it? Check and see what what the voltage is on the battery before it's started and again when it's running then again at 2500 to 3000 rpm's
  7. Mornin Boys, We all don't use the stock oil filters, so here is something to remember, info from Mobile One Question: Reason for Check Valves in Engine Oil Filters What is the function of a check valve in engine oil filter? -- Shafeeq Bandagi, Bloomfield Hills, MI Answer: The check valve function is used to prevent dry starts that could occur if the filter was allowed to drain dry during standing. It also serves to ensure that oil is always present in the filter, especially when the vehicle is started. I use the Purolator PL14610 oil filter, not the P14610. that one don't have the check valve in it. I also use the Mobile One 0-40 oil and any good synthetic tranny fluid for the tranny. The only thing I use from Polaris it the front Hilliard tranny fluid, There are a few good oil filters you can use, just make DARN sure it has the check valve in it. Our oil filters are on the side, not the bottom,,
  8. Sorry mywifeknowseverythin, wrong board.
  9. Afternoon Boys. I use mine to plow but then I got to take it to the creek and wash it off, I also haul the fire wood. These darn quads come in handy. I also bring the meat home with it..
  10. Afternoon bumpercarkid Yep, I also have a small hand saw but found that the Machete can cut/chop the tree limbs a lil easier and faster. I'm lazy. That's a heavy machete which makes it easier. Do you have them darn black berry bushes up there? We got em every where down here, I hate them critters,,,,
  11. afternoon Boys, (click on the italic words) I added some tools to mine that I use a lot. I live out in the sticks and keep the trails clean. I put a Machete on it, we have some strong sticker bushes round here. It also comes in handy when goin into caves. I figure what ever is in one might not be to friendly, I can't swing it but what ever is in there will have to eat it to get to me.. I also put a stake bed on mine to keep dog from fallin out. And you gotta have a knife handy. A shovel is a must. I had to ad paddin to my rear seat so the lil Wife would stop fallin off. (I hate stopping and pickin her up all the time) Had to make a pouch for the air pump. I also needed a pouch for my cigs.
  12. Afternoon Boys, just stopped in to

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