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  1. Nice looking machines. Now i'm gonna have to start accessorizing my machine. It's not a grizzly, but still, I need Accessories. lol
  2. Looks like a nice riding area. dont have any mountain roads near me, but i'd love to have a set of tracks to play with on the bays when the ice gets here. thanks for the video
  3. That's some good looking trails. I love the St Helen Trails, but i might have to try going closer to lupton. thanks for the video.
  4. St Helen, I75 Exit 222 has some awesome trails. i try to go there when i can!
  5. just a quick thought about the problem you're having. My grandpas sportsman 500 would run like crap and die when trying to hit the throttle, and his problem was a leaking air box lid.. half the screws were missing or broken ears and it was getting too much air. not saying its your problem, just thinking it might be something super easy to check out.
  6. wow, this is a nice list of manuals. ill definitely need to see if my grandpa needs a manual for his old polaris sportsman.. thanks
  7. thank you for this. hopefully now i can fix my lo battery warning on the display.
  8. just bought my first quad, my girlfriends best friend had bought a buddy pack a couple years ago, and when her boyfriend left she didnt want to do maintenance and upkeep on 2 quads, so i bought it. 2017 polaris sportsman 450 ho. and i love it.
  9. Hi all, im new here. just bought my first atv, polaris sportsman 450 HO, and figured this is a good place to get info when things start to go wrong. And as we all know, things eventually go wrong.

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