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  1. I have a Curtis Sparks on my 07 400EX. It is a great pipe.
  2. I always wear a helmet and boots while riding. Pants are a must on a ride aswell. Wearing shorts I have suffered to many burns fron exhaust pipes. I really like the thought of a chest protector but the comfort is not all that great for an all day trail ride. Me personally at 30 its my choice and I should not be required to wear safety equipment by law. I think the seat belt laws for adults are foolish. Kids on the otherhand should always wear a HELMET at the bare minimum. My son always has one on when he puts around the yard and when we go on a ride he wears a helmet, boots and a chest protector. Pants and long sleeves awell. He can decide what he wants to wear when he is an adult responsible for his safety
  3. Have not seen it yet! Micheal Jackson is a great entertainer, his personal life is a mess! I love to watch his videos and listen to his songs!
  4. My GF has a 200 Grand Cherokee Limited. Its OK! Other than Stupid little problems like the Dual heatzone always haveing some issue its been good. Knock on wood! I voted for the Jeep because this Jeep she has is Pretty good for in the snow and mud. Never been in anything crazy but WE had an Ice storm a couple of years ago and it was pretty nasty and it got us around pretty well. I even took it up a hill in the field my 400ex would not climb. Its a 4X4 though.
  5. Houser stems are really good. On my 450r I had a plus 1. I have riden one with a plus 2 and it felt weird. But it was my buddies quad and he is like 6'4' tall and I am only 6'. Plus his quad had Flex bars. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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