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  1. I am an old timer on a few local boards (from my toyota truck days and a quads one since the time of my first quad '06 Brute Force), most forums have gone stale with new ways of communicating. I prefer the forum styles, facebook is brutal
  2. Nice, I brought mine home for repairs this weekend. A-arm guards are on order. The stick seems to have held all the grease in. :-)
  3. Thanks for the manual it is appreciated
  4. I have a General 1000 and a RZR Turbo S I have had the General for a few years and got the RZR late last summer both good fun.
  5. Good to see you got it fixed, I think you can also measure the axle at the 2 clamping locations for the boot and get a boot based on those measurements if the origin of the axle is unknown.
  6. Nice. I decided to skip town once everything shut down. Not many people around at 6500 ft. 🙂
  7. Use a Garmin Montana, usually just for reference when I am on familiar territory. Will download maps when travelling abroad. Also use a GPS Spot messenger for just in case.
  8. toy4wd


  9. Another “newb” here. Picked up a 2019 Sportsman XP 1000 Premium last summer. This is my 3rd quad for myself (previously 2007 Brute Force 650 and 2014 Sportsman 850 XP). Also have 2 UTV’s just to keep things interesting. Got into quads with family members and recreation property. Will have a read through this forum and see if there is info for me to learn from and if there is anything I can add.

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