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  1. I am replacing the pistons on my drum brakes for 85 Suzuki LT230GE. One was seized and broke while trying to get it moving. I am only able to access [what looks to be] the same part but for a 250. What do you think? will they swap out? I ordered it anyway and will let you know.
  2. Fury has to come through Wilder again (III) in order to fight AJ. This pushes it back to Dec 2021 at least.
  3. Possibly my favourite moment: When Tyson Fury gets up after Wilder makes the throat slashing sign as he walks away thinking he knocked him out... And then THIS:
  4. It could be that it is being used to distract people from more important issues... Squirrel! Or to ensure that the population has something new to fear now that China virus is not packing the same punch.
  5. That was a very helpful link. Thanks a lot! From a south central Ontario rider near Huntsville / Algonquin Park.
  6. Greetings from South Central Ontario Canada! I play, ride and 'work' (retired) on 3 acres of bush north of Huntsville, not far from Algonquin Park. Its nice to see this is an international community.
  7. I enjoyed scrolling through your posts and visiting your YT channel. Great videos! Editing those videos takes a lot of time and effort. Well done!
  8. The big fella driving got his 'human tag' through his local Algonquin Park Moose Association lottery, and that poor bagged hunter became the hunted.
  9. I bought my 1985 LT230 GE (black seat) about three years ago. It was in rough shape, but ran pretty well. The tag with the manufacture date on the frame says 1984 and the VIN makes it a 1985 model year. What confuses me is that the badly cracked and patched orange plastic body had stickers that say: Shaft 230. You said your friend's 85 was chain driven, and I didn't think they came out with the shaft drive until 1987? Did you get the piston / ring job finished? Are you riding it yet?
  10. New to QuadCrazy and to the Forum. I own a 1985 Suzuki LT230GE. It was in rough shape when I bought it 3 years ago, but running. I have ridden it over each summer, but this summer I decided to do some work on it. I am hoping there might be a few guys on the forum with some experience with this make / model, or even more general ATV knowledge, who might share their expertise with me as I putter away at making it a better, more reliable machine. I am a Canadian, retired military Veteran (Kandahar AF, Sinai Pen) in the Eastern time zone, with 3 acres of bush that I am working on, and rid

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