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  1. I got it everything looks pretty good for it cant wait to take it out for a real ride! i cant figure out how to get a picture of it on here so if you wanta c it check out my profile page il add it on there
  2. I found a great deal on a kfx 450, goin to look at it 2mrw Thanks everyone
  3. I've rode a honda 250ex for about 3 years, and am now ready to upgrade, but cant decide if i want a 400 or 450 - i want a 400 because it has reverse, but want the 450 because from what i've been told 450's in general are just built better, like better suspension, wont tip over in turns as much cuz they are wider and not as tall (correct me if im wrong - this is all stuff i've been told) and other stuff. i dont drag race, so im not to concerned about speed, i just like to ride in the woods, climbin hills, and jumpin. Another reason im leanin toward a 450 is because i want to have a recluse clut
  4. hey, welcome, im pretty new here too. i live in indiana and we normally ride at a place called haspin acres its close to ohio
  5. I often ride with a group of people at an atv park and have had close calls but luckily no serious wrecks with other riders. I agree with you that trying to stay to the right is a good preventive messure to not get in a wreck. You also have to look ahead and listen when climbing hills because with narrow hills it would really suck to almost get to the top of hill and someone start racing down it (listning is the key). One of the things that me and the group of people I ride have done is develop hand signals for each other, for example we have one for just that problem, if some dumba** is racin
  6. Yep got the cast off my arm finally, but dont get to see an orthopedic doc till nov 17 but at least im medicated till then. Im still gonna be ridin, hopefully they will figure out something else to do besides a hip replacement im only 27, my body has been fallin apart lol
  7. I know this post is old, hope your cortisone shot went well, my doc had recently suggested i get one two cuz ive had to take oral steriods for previously unknown inflamation. But my doc just found out its my hip thats cuzin all my pain, have to go to orthapedic specialist now, im only 27 but theyr talkin possible hip replacement, hope not i think that might disrupt my riding lol. whatever happens im just gonna keep a good attitude, im alive and my kids are healthy. anyone expierencin pain keep your head up and keep goin to docs till they give you an answer, i've had to practically harass my do
  8. i dont know where you keep ur quads at but me and my husband have ours in our shed, he was worried about someone tryin to get into the shed so we bought a surveillance camera and on the door of the shed my husband wrote smile, ur on camera. u can get them pretty cheap I think we got ours for around $40, and its worked for years.
  9. oops forgot to add the congrats to bpgracing didnt realize the date, that the contest was over lol, it was a very cool pic
  10. hey everyone, im new here, seems like a cool site wish i woulda stumbled on it sooner, its motivating me to take my camera when we ride so i can get some cool pics and videos broke my hand a couple wks ago ridin went to same place yesterday crashed again, but not as bad at least this time it didnt land on me, then after gettin off my quad and examing the ruts i finally made it up, im kinda stubborn lol, prolly shouldnt b ridin w my hand still messed up but the weather was too nice to pass up
  11. here is me takin it easy at a friends house the wkend after i broke my hand at haspin when my quad flipped on me, wish i woulda took my camera out there i woulda had a cooler pic but at least this shows nothin can stop me from ridin, bad weather, mud, broken bones im ridin:biggrin:

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