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  1. Hi All, dose anybody have by any chance soft copy of Clymer to Yamaha Kodiak 1993-1998 that he can send me? if not dose anybody know from were I can download it for free? Thanks in advance Oren
  2. Hi All, I have 1993 YAMAHA KODIAK YFM400 I have a problem that the battery fully discharged this happened the second time. the first time it happens I fund out that the wire of rectifier/regulator was disconnected,I connected the wire and replace the battery with a new one. the second time was last Friday after I already went out a week before and everything was fine,I checked before went out that the charging voltage was O.K. it was about 13.5Vdc and battery voltage was O.K. 12.5Vdc then when I was up hill the ATV was very hot it shut down in the middle,I was able to pull start it and continue. my questions are : 1.is their any connection between the motor hot and the battery shorted? maybe the rectifier/regulator is shorting or the A.C. magneto? but I could continue to ride 2.what do I need to check? what can I do in order to prevent it to happen again. Thanks in advanced Oren
  3. Hi All, I have looked for the clutch adjustment and couldn't find it:err:.I have attached two side pictures can any one please help me and tell me witch one is it or were to look? thanks in advanced Oren
  4. Hi, How do I adjust the Clutch? BR Oren
  5. Hi, it means that when you will order parts you will look for YFM400FW parts. Big manufacturer such as Yamaha will have same platform with minor changes = as less different parts as possible,save money,administration ways more easy. for example raptor 350 as the same engine! as warrior I am working in mass production company and this is the way to work. I hope I helped BR Oren.B
  6. Hi, Yes it Should be in neutral befor putting it into reverse. BR Oren
  7. Hi, I have 1993 Yamaha Kodiak 4X4 and my part number is YFM400FW,I know that Kodiak is model that sold in CANADA/Israel but we have BIGBARs too. I know they are identical maybe little changes if any,I hope I helped a little. BR Oren
  8. Hi All, I have a yamaha kodiak 400 1993 4X4 and I noticed that when I put in into gear the following happens: 1.the first gear do not fit easily 2. after switch to second gear it goes up to third or fourth i do not know but I am sure is not second 3.What is the function of the spring in the gears legs? I request your help understand what ever is wrong with it?? Thanks Oren
  9. Hi everyone Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. My name's Oren, I'm 35, and love going out riding when I get the time. I am currently remodeling it, I ride a 1993 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 that I absolutely love. I found this site one night trying to look up stuff on my Kodiak and decided wth might as well join. While I'm not the greatest at posting, I do try to check in every couple days or so to see whats going on. Anyways I look forward to learning more about our quads here.
  10. Hi oxidized_black, Thank you very much.do you have by any chance repair manual too? Thanks oerytb!
  11. Hi, I did what you suggested but all the links are Expired. can you assist?
  12. Hi oxidized_black, Thank you.I found out that my is YFM400FW
  13. Hi, I am new here and this my first time that I write here. I own Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 1993 that I am Restoring. my question is regarding the models differences of YFM400 series FW/FWNP.... Thanks in advance oerytb
  14. Hi I am looking for 93 YAMAHA Kodiak YFM400FW manual if u can help that would be great!! Thanks oerytb!

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