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    PROMARK OFFROAD 4500 lb Outback Series ATV Winch Review

    4500lb-winch-300x184.pngThis is a review of the 4500 lb Outback Series ATV/UTV/Side x Side Winch from PROMARK OFFROAD. I've had my older 1500 lb winch on for a few years now and it was time to upgrade it after having the steel cable snap on it recently. I also wanted to try out a synthetic line instead of a steel line. With the various winches on the market, PROMARK OFFROAD offers this heavy duty power house with a blue synthetic winch line, water proof motor, all steel gears, and a remote kit. This winch is a beast for my Yamaha Grizzly, or any ATV out there.  

    Installation was easy, with their provided instructions, I was even able to reuse the existing winch mount I had on theCIMG0091-300x224.jpg quad. I had my old winch mounted to the plate with 4 bolts, so the new winch mounted right in it's place with 4 new bolts they provided. Wiring was relatively easy, I replaced the old wires with the thicker, lower gauge wires they provided. The new thing I have now though...is a remote! A 10' corded remote came with this package. The outlet for the remote can be mounted anywhere on the ATV, I opted to mount it in the rear plastic, behind the seat, under the rack. It comes with a waterproof rubber cover, for when not in use (In the video I shot, I use the remote to control the winch up the hill). The switch mounts on the handlebar and in my opinion is a nice rocker style switch vs. some of the other ones on the market. The solenoid, I mounted under the seat, in the rear compartment. So depending on your ATV, CIMG0096-300x224.jpgyou'll have to find a spot for it. This was another reason why I mounted the remote outlet in the rear. Everything I needed was included in the package;  rubber stopper, hook, and newer designed has fair-lead instead of a roller that I had.  

    Very impressive winch, once finally on. With no winter snow here and all mud spots are low or frozen, I really didn't have many options to test this out these past few wP1020303-300x168.jpgeeks. Although I was able to test the sheer pulling strength by yanking some smaller trees out of the ground that my older winch just couldn't do..that was pretty fun. I also wanted to see how it would pull my quad up a hill, that I couldn't ride up, without flipping. My quad is only 650lbs, so this was cake for this winch.

    The geartrain and ratio on this winch are impressively felt over my older winch as you can see from the video. You can just hear and feel it's strength! Pulling is no problem, I'll post some more videos once we get some snow and I can get her stuck or help pull some people out! So far, I'm in love with this winch. It's going to power a new plow I have, that is if we ever get some serious snow here in New


    •Limited Lifetime Warranty

    •ProMark Blue Synthetic Winch Line

    •Waterproof Motor  

    Upgraded Accessory Package:

    •4-Post Contactor

    •Handlebar Thumb Switch

    •Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

    •Spring Hook and Pull Strap

    •Rubber Line Stopper

    •Bonus 10' Corded Remote  


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