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Does anyone think

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Yea,,,It kinda Grows on you.....I can ride in it around town but NEVER on a long trip....My Back just cant take it...I bought it new back in 05...Its what she wanted....I wanted the Chrysler 300 but she wanted that....:laugh:

So Twice a Yr. for Xmas and her Birthday I Do something to it.....It has the XM System, ACCEL and Brake Peddle thingys, Bra, arm rest, 17" rims...This Xmas will be the Lighting inside and Out...There are just soooo many things you can buy for this thing its kinda Mind Boggling.....I like to keep things simple though....

Oh,,,And one more thing.....It has a Yamaha 4/100 Bolt Pattern.....:wink: PADDLES!!!!:wink:

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I like that Scion. Is it hooked up, rims, etc?

BuckBilly, what type of pick up is that? Looks like some refurbished old Soviet truck...LOL

It is a true Japan pick-up. Suzuki and several other Japan manufacters produce these trucks in Japan. Do a Google word search on "Mini Trucks" for somemore info.
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