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  1. bansheedr


  2. been using maxima 927 for years and have never had a motor failure due to improper lubrication.
  3. i ride a banshee. everything else is just to slow,lol.
  4. sorry man everytime i attempt to make a post your avitar disracts me and i forget what i was gonna post,lol.
  5. they hold it at mountain trails resort in somerset county.heres a link: quadfest
  6. i have been doin all my riding on the drag strip for the past 10 yrs or so,lol. i'm planning on putting together a trail machine and doing a bit of trail riding this summer though.pennsylvania does have some great riding locations scattered through out the state. in july they hold a 3 day weekend of quadfest here and its a great event for the whole family.it has been drawing riders from all over.
  7. in my oppinion a 400 ex is an excellent beginners machine and is probally one of if not the most reliable of the 400's out there. i would also buy a good used machine if its your first quad. later on there is alot of updates you can do to a 400 ex to improve power ,perfomance, handling and such. like previously stated go with a water cooled and use engine ice in the cooling system and it should run pretty cool for riding long periods of time.
  8. yeh it is pretty cool and would be fun if it were affordable,lol. the company also has a car and a hummer type vehicle. heres a link to the company site:Gibbs Technologies
  9. lol, i'd smoke his a.. with my banshee. well up to 1/4 mile anyways.lol.

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