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Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

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Does anyone use GPS, whether on a device or app to record their ATV trail rides? I have been thinking about a section where our members can upload let's say a .gpx file and share their rides on a goog

AOAA only provides their maps for using a gps is via the maprika app on phones, which I always do not like to use on the trails. (the phone that is) They do have paper maps at the trailhead, but I was

I use a Garmin Oregon 450, it was about $450 back in its day, but its been reliable and does resist water, One feature I like is it can display custom maps. Using the software I mentioned above, I can

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Would love to hear more about what you guys are using to mount the gps. Or are most just throwing it in the storage and getting it out when stopped? I have a couple of Garmin products (truck gps unit & Fenix watch) and have been really happy with them. I've been wanting to use something when riding too.

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I have a Garmin Montana 680t and was also using the Avenza maps as well until Trail Tech updated the Voyager Pro gps to use custom base maps. So now the Garmin has become a backup and the Avenza being pretty much moth balled. 

Having the custom basemaps you can use MVUM maps by making MBtiles maps. I use Caltopo for creating my maps and I can easily add boundary markers such as public land or even icons and such for point of reference and I also use it for creation of my routes. The Voyager Pro (VP) imports them effortlessly and the display is very easy to see even in bright sunlight. A few pictures shows the tile I created in red and its an enormous riding area (but small file) and the VP can load multiples of MBTiles at a time if need be. For example I created the entirety of the Black Hills SD MVUM trail system in just 1 MBTile file that the VP loaded with no issue.

I won't get into the other benefits of the VP due to this being a GPS thread but if some are interested I can create a review thread to showcase some of its other features. 






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The Voyager Pro GPS is easy to see in daylight and at a glance when I'm riding, either standing up or seated. It displayed just the info I need with multiple modes to choose from. My TRX700XX didn't come with any electronic gizmos or speedo so having the VP is a great addition to this bike. Just wanted to share a few more pics of it mounted on the quad






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Polaris Ride Command works great and the Trail Tech Voyager Pro (also a Polaris product) uses the group ride feature. My experience with the Ride Command on my phone is great until I lose cell service and with all the mountains, valleys in our area cell service becomes very intermittent if not gone all together. That's the biggest reason I like a dedicated GPS on my rides. I do record the tracks on my VP and upload the GPX to my Ride Command so I can access it there so its not without use

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10 hours ago, Harold Wallace said:


Nice ride! Wow, looks like great country to ride in!

This is more like an example of using the Voyager Pro then uploading the GPX to Ride Command... and the hours show how long I forgot to turn off tracking. 


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