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2 stoke or 4.

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Let's hear your thoughts and why. I own both and 2 strokes have the top end power. 4 strokes have that low bottom that's good for trails. Of course maintenance is different and parts costs is different. Let's hear why you choose one over the other.


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Great topic.  

I grew up on two stroke engines. Learned on them as well.  I think they are great for the racing world and high revolutions.  As well as the simplicity of the engine design. 

The drawbacks are the noise which is obvious and the gas oil mixture the smoke from the exhaust and the maintenance I think is more frequent then the four stroke. 

I still get the urge to hop on one and start slamming gears every once in a while and hear the scream of the engine! 

I recently picked up a two stroke quad I can’t wait to tare into and ride. But if I had to choose I like the four stroke and would rather a four stroke. Especially with the new four stroke engines that Honda has been running on there dirt bikes. No gas/oil mixtures or injection process etc.


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Since  I am into trail riding, hunting and  pulling tasks around home  I  much prefer the low end grunt of the 4 strokes.  Add  to that the convenience of not having to  mix the fuel and it's 4  stroke without  question .  Racing is a different  matter.  2 strokes shine there, but unless you're race crazy,  go  with 4 stroke. They're so  much more convenient and versatile .


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I have never ridden a 2 stroke anything so I better not say too much not knowing anything about 2 strokes...  I've always herd that 4-strokes are all around better and hence have avoided 2-strokes...  I've heard that 2 doesnt stay cool as well and hence has overheating issues after a longer ride...?  And 2s only get but so big where as 4s go to 1000cc, that will always win over a 2, but I wouldn't know much other than that...?  please correct me if I'm wrong

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