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2016 kangdi 110

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Okay. All clean inside from view of the sp. I put 2 stroke oil in it cause it will burn off anyway. I took a straw and stuck it in the qt container. Sealed the straw. Then blew into the sp hole. Let it sit and cranked over. I figured I would crank the hell out of it to lube the cylinder. But by the time that was said and done. The battery is dead. I did notice a few loose wires that I tightened

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I have to sort things out. And my kids helping so who knows how long. Lol

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I have my son too but all he does is takes my tools and parts places them everywhere,(only 2 years old boy twin) but he loves atv's just as I did when I was a kid.... good stuff bro... I saw an atv like the one you got for 600 (2017) dont know what's wrong with it, didn't get in to it,to many projects on my hands now

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So Today I got a Crazy deal on 2 Quads... Yamaha Raptor 660R and Kymko Mongoose 300cc for $300 for both Quads,Yes for the 2 of them!!!! on the Let Go app,I'm not advertising Let go by the way...but I know for a fact that something like this will never come through again!!! It says $250 but I offered him $300 so if someone tried they had to go up another $50.... but Score!!!! Today was a very good Saturday!!!03d3fe177cb72246bc9f67a3e4cfdace.jpg3ef1bb3d20ac43937e39d9c32374a029.jpgec6c9ad5afeece4f8b49c3bced64da67.jpgc4628b08c6caf5909d9f5c40e869a2e6.jpgb7f1080ced544ead561e26529b3e4a3c.jpg

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    • By huntindog
      I am in the process of puting it back together after replacing the DPS gearbox.
      The manual I have states that it will need to be flashed by a dealer. Is this still true?
      Also , I have a mystery bolt That I cannot remember where it goes. M6x 70 or so.  Hex head with a flat washer.I will try to attach a pic.
      Pic is no go for now....Cox issue I will try again later
    • By TheRetiredMilitaryGuy
      Hey y’all, I need some help badly. I have a 02 Honda foreman rubicon 500, it sat for a year (ran out of time) just did a full top end plus piston and rings on it. Got it running but it will not drive forward at all and will only do 2 mph in reverse. The engine or transmission makes a very loud whining when I hit throttle both ways. 
      I need some help I’m very unfamiliar with the hondamatic. 
      Any ideas or options?
    • By Skindian82
      Won't cold start if I do get started with starter fluid won't start again later when cools down
    • By Werewolf
      Oil is getting in the air box from crankcase vent tube, I put the two hoses that go to the air box together then something started to smoke on the front of the engine. There is a filter? In the line I blew that out.
    • By Brantley11
      Hey everybody,
      My proficiency is with Hondas and Yamahas make me see RED!
      This bike is my brother in law's, it has 1199 miles on it and went from running great to dead with no start. Every once and a while it will start and sputter for 2 seconds. It is extremely sporadic when it fires but never runs for longer than 3 seconds. 
      Here is where we sit:
      Brand New Fully Charged battery
      Carb was cleaned with air hose and carb cleaner then into the ultrasonic cleaner with Aircraft aluminum cleaner
      New Shindy Carb kit (made in Japan version)
      Cleaned out petcock and gas tank
      New 93 Non Ethanol Gas
      New Spark Plug
      It gets a spark through the spark test light every time
      Bluish white spark
      When holding the spark plug 1/4" - 3/8" away from head it will jump and spark to the head
      Good Compression
      Here are the readings:
      Pickup Coil 519 Ohms (range 459-561)
      Charging Coil 266 Ohms (range 270-330)
      Lighting Coil 0.700 (range 0.702-0.858)
      Spark plug Cap 10.58 Ohms (10kohms
      Ignition Coil Primary Coil 0.5 ohms (range 0.18-0.28 ohms)
      Ignition Coil Secondary Coil 8.20 kOhms (range 6.32-9.48 kOhms)
      Would y'all think stator and pick up coil, rectifier or CDI are the culprit?
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