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We have been notified that some users are experiencing issues receiving e-mails from QUADCRAZY using Yahoo.com e-mail and sometimes AOL.

New Members have not been able to verify their accounts. We have verified any new members and will be monitoring this. Please make sure that you can receive e-mail from

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

We will be checking into this. Please check your SPAM filter settings if you are having this issue.

Thank you.

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Has this issue been fixed yet because I havent been able to send a recieve mail from my excite account for awhile and the only other account I have is yahoo.

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You can change your profile settings to not get those notices if they bother you... just FYI .

that works for me....but only on the forums that I post to after I mark not to get them....if someone posts in a forum that I posted in before I changed it, I still get notifications:aargh:

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It really depends on your SPAM e-mail settings. So far Yahoo has been working.

Fox300exchic, make sure mail is not bouncing into your JUNK folder. W are not getting any returned mail from you at this time.

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Alright thanks! Just curious... ( threadjack-1.gif ) ADMIN, is that your picture on your avatar?

Actually, this question has been brought up before. This pic is an actual pic of my father-in-law. My wife and I like it and find it funny because of the seriousness.

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Yeah not that he is a scary looking guy but that pic kinda freaks me out. I was wondering if it was you Admin I was just afraid to ask. :shoot:

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me too:confused::frown:haha, so, ADMIN...there was a thread we all put pictures of ourselves and significant others in, how come you didn't join in?

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"many moons ago"

lol thats a funny quote..

i might put that in my sig..

[for those who dont know]

on big forums, when someone like a quote from someone else or finds it humorous, they will sometimes put it in their signature, i did it on a forum i used to be on..people dont do it much anymore...but im bringin' it back. lol

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      QUICK TIP: You can change your notification settings which include how you are notified when actions take place in the community for things like when you are followed, mentioned, etc. You can control how often you receive notification emails as well. 
      Visit Account Settings > Other Settings > Notification Settings
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      From Low to High - No lights
      From High to Low - No Lights
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