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2009 Yamaha Lineup


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All of Yamaha's 2009 machines are set to be released today at 3pm eastern time zone. Yamaha insiders I know won't give me details but they tell me I may want to switch from red to blue. We will have to wait and see. I don't know what Yamaha would have to come up with in order for me to switch. I love the Rhino but other than that, I'm not a fan of Yamaha's ergonomics.

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What is with everyone putting 50" width on there 450s now. That sucks unless you do nothing but track or dunes. At least do what Can Am did and make a mx version and a xc version.

i think its great! that saves bundles of cash and extended a arms, brake lines, tie rods and etc.

and all of our trails are ATLEAST 2 quad length which is about 8 or 9 feet wide. so extended a arms are jus added assurance for keeping the rubber side down(or shiny side up as you refer to it :laugh:)

and besides there is still the regular yfz450 that is narrower and single rate shocks for xc.

about yamaha copying can am. yamaha actually had this layout for months before can am even released the ds450. the only reason yamaha procrastinated releasing the yfz450r was because they were testing and fine tuning their GYTR accesories.

im actually very happy with the yfz's updates. yamaha made a very smart move releasing this bike. they are trying to keep up with the competition, unlike honda :skeptic:

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Yup new exhaust and pegs too. Looks like Honda will be the last mfg with a carbureted 450.

i thought the new KTM's were still carb'd 2?? I love the new style and changes, minus the headlights are to high up in the plastic, and that friggin red seat cover looks like:vommit:... that seat design looks like it would be extremely comfortable!!! cause my tail is sore from th LT-r i raced yesterday:aargh::aargh:.. 50 inches can be handled in a tight hairscramble:wink::weapon: cause that lt-r led half the race in an tight pine thicket.

All that yfz needs is a set of 4-1 off-set wheels with razr 2's and a set of 20 razrs on the back and it would be a woods rocket!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:

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All I have to say is who has the most victories in every kind of quad racing?

I would love to see you guys try and rip through the trails up here on a quad that is 50" wide. Most of the trails are 50" wide. That is why most GNCC racers run between 46"-48".

Different offset wheels in the front would knock it down to around 48".. i enjoyed passing the red 450's that were snagging trees and couldn't make the hill climbs:doa16:

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